Norma Duval Urdangarin

Norma Duval Urdangarin

Something happens if the bride mentions the closet during an interview arranged with Heart magazine for the happy reason of the wedding. November 2022 in the Swiss city of Gstaad, the ideal place where millionaires from all over the world gather to enjoy their winter holidays. Star Norma Duvall (67 years old) and businessman Matthias Kuhn (66 years old) got married after a 13-year relationship in front of only two witnesses: the judge on behalf of the contracting party, the lawyer and the groom’s trusted man. Her three children, her nieces whom she raised after her mother's death, and two of her stepchildren were unable to balance their schedules. But weren't they broken? Yes twice. But they came back six months ago and got engaged.

This is what the artist herself told ¡Hola! magazine: “Now everything is calm for us, and for our future together. That is why I will live with my husband in Switzerland, even though I will be in Spain for a while.” “I will not evade the tax authorities because I will file my returns as a non-resident and I will pay here so that I do not have a problem, but it makes sense that my place is in Switzerland with my husband.” Great clarification is not desirable. These days, the marriage is in the spotlight due to a judicial investigation into a network of the businessman's companies for allegedly evading taxes in the amount of 13 million euros. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office's complaint for misappropriation of assets, punishable insolvency and procedural fraud includes Duval for profit, as a potential beneficiary of an asset transaction (at least 300 thousand euros of which were delivered directly) that managed to leave its mark in several paper reports Entertainment Summary Another climax film starring Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin.

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The relationship between the German from Hamburg and the Barcelona woman was a collision of trains of personality, power and fame. They were both associated with Mallorca since childhood, and they had never met on the island where she had always had a home and he had a real estate business, if this word serves to include the activity that turned the island into the second headquarters of wealthy Europe. It was indispensable from his famous brand Kühn&Partner, which had twenty An office before the brick crisis to understand the initial disintegration of local peculiarities based on the sale of real estate to Germans, he prided himself on receiving famous buyers such as Keen, even on Saturday nights and whose clients also included Adolfo Suarez, Sara Montiel and Florentino Pérez. His friends include Paris Hilton, Michael Douglas and Boris Becker. “All the houses in Mallorca are for sale, except for Marivent,” he told journalist Matías Valles in a 1997 interview. His luxury store housed the private island of Tagomago, in Ibiza, where he carried out illegal business. He was sentenced to six months in prison and a fine. There he met Norma Duvall.

She was settling a turbulent divorce from her second husband, producer José Frad, and the owner of ¡Hola pulled her out of the well! She proposed a report on her new single life in Tagomago, at the same time advertising the impressive enclave as a destination for the elite in need of privacy. The admiration occurred when she saw the well-built Cohn descend from the helicopter, a blond, lanky giant with whom she had never parted, and with whom she had shared hundreds of public appearances, red carpets and exclusive interviews. A hyperactive and irresistible man known for his temper tantrums and maintaining his excellent physical fitness thanks to tireless exercise. His memory failed him only recently when tax authority officials, who searched his home in Mallorca to seize the contents of his computers, asked him for his passwords. He didn't remember them.

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The ongoing investigation has come to overshadow the joy the couple experienced a few weeks ago, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the businessman in his long lawsuit against the declassification of the land on which he planned to build the Muleta II urbanization project on the island of Majorca. Municipality of Soller. The Balearic government will have to compensate him with 96 million euros to prevent him from building 30 luxury villas in a place he declared a natural area, which distorts public accounts, as Balearic President Marga Bruhinz admitted. “We will celebrate it in a big way,” the former PP muse assured Vanitatis. “It was a journey through the desert with suffering for Matthias and for all of us that money cannot pay for.” It's an old saying.

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