Manuel Portozzo “So * I know? I can’t have children naturally…” / “State support? Only 200 euros”

Manuel Portozzo “So * I know? I can’t have children naturally…” / “State support? Only 200 euros”

Manuel Portozzo back to say big brother vipRather, to highlight his condition and the difficulty of his disability even for those around him. “Things should be said as they are without fear. there is nothing wrong“, the former reality contest contestant hypothesis.”You saw me take a path that changed me from within. The task is completed, but my problems remain. But I speak on behalf of all disabled people“, explained Manuel Portozzo. So he started talking about the newspaper. “You feel offended, people around you will do anything for you, but you feel bad inside of you“.

about it Manuel Portozzo He said what happened on his return from Milan. “The most ordinary things are complicated. You have to call first and get help… There are a number of things to do that limit your mind and don’t make you feel in control of yourself.To help him in this situation Aldo Montano and Gianmaria Antinolfiwho raised it to ascend. “At that moment you’re dying inside, because you want to make him alone“.

Manuel Portozzo: “Children? Only with IVF “

Manuel Portozzo He also talked about the economic side of inability. “I practically do not take anything compared to my needs. They gave me a pension of €200 plus an escort, but the medicines alone cost me more than €500, so you can’t rest easy. I’m lucky, but there are hard factsBut there are also taboos: sex. “Born in front of fear or lack of knowledge. If one wanted to inform, one could do so. It depends on the disability, I have my problems, I face them and I solve them. I dream of a future with Lulu, I hope to have a family and children. I will be able to have children, but not naturally, through artificial fertilization. These are things you have to do in silence and then talk about them..there are many difficultiesBut he is with Lulu Selassie He’s already talked about it: “She solves things with simplicity and love, but not all people are lolThen Manuel Portozzo concluded the interview with big brother vip: “half life? You live it with half a heartBut he can still establish relationships:Yes, of course, and you can experience different kinds of pleasuresHe finally commented with a few words but with a smile on his face:Yes, I live a sloppy life. But it is still worth it“.

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