Giovanni Allevi announced that he has myeloma

Giovanni Allevi announced that he has myeloma

pianist and composer Giovanni Allevi He revealed he had myeloma and needed ‘off stage’ treatment. “I will not turn around: I found out that I had a sweet lump: Bone marrowbut no less cunning,” the 53-year-old artist wrote on her pages on social media, next to the photo of her hands writing on the crew, translating the word of her illness into notes.

He added, “My greatest anguish is the thought of causing pain to my family and all the people who follow me affectionately. I have always fought my inner dragons with you in concert, thanks to the music. This time forgive me., I will have to walk away from the stage,” referring to the treatment that He will have to face it. “I’ll be back soon” is the hashtag that closes the public post.

Ecstasy Tour Canceled: No Japan and China

Already at the last concerts of the tour tranceThe body seemed to be in very severe pain, but the musician never stopped playing with a smile until the discovery of the disease. After the last highly praised event at the Konzerthaus in Vienna, the awareness of the inability to continue the concert activity, which at the end of the summer would have constituted the return of the maestro expected also in Japan and China. So Giovanni Allevi had to cancel his summer tour Ecstasy 2022 To face a difficult and important course of treatment. Many fans gathered around him in pain and messages of encouragement.

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Fides et al: When an artist decides to share the disease with his fans

Giovanni Allevi is the latest artist to choose to share his fight for health with his fans via social media. In March announcing that videos He had a tumor He shocked the music community and beyond and all stages of his recovery, from surgery to Psychological setbacks of that problem with subsequent controversiesexperienced directly with their followers. Emma Maron, Giorgia Soleri, Alessandro BarcoIn recent times, there are many artists who have chosen to share their illnesses on social networks.

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