Travel without knowing where fashion is

Travel without knowing where fashion is

Traveling, and even more so now that we are at Easter, is one of those little pleasures that everyone loves. In addition, if you add a point of uncertainty to the matter, which also entails a less expensive price, it will be more fun than if there was none. This, traveling without knowing where – well, they told you a few days ago, but you don't know until you actually have the history – is what he suggests to us. Flapin'a company from Barcelona that wants to revolutionize the online travel contracting market.

An alternative to gift boxes

I'm sure we've all bought or received boxes of experiences that, for whatever reason, end up in a drawer after someone has picked them out to enjoy with their partner, family, or to give to a friend or acquaintance. The companies that market these products know this fact and base a portion of their profits on it. Sometimes, this happens because the client does not find time to enjoy the contracted trip etc., simply because none of the accommodations that he could or would like to choose are available. Flappin's proposal is different and explains it Mark Weaver, one of its creators: “Here you will not find that there are any problems to enjoy the experience or to have to contact the facility to find out if there is availability. We take care of everything and are always looking for the best options. It is all about simplicity: you can book a two- or three-day trip with Flights and accommodation that you can add some extra experience to like a restaurant we've chosen beforehand, and you don't have to worry about that' anything else. I always do a good job. Now, of course, even 48 hours before the flight, you don't know where you're going. The same applies to gastronomic or adventurous experiences, which is also a product we offer.”

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On their website they offer several products: nature holidays, relaxing holidays, romantic holidays or beach holidays; All of them are less than two hours from home. They also offer you experiences (spa, adventure, tapas, Mexican, Italian or Japanese menus, mountain, exotic or surprise dinner). It's always about surprising experiences. Their main product is holidays, which can be in Europe or Spain.

a surprise

Since the way we travel has changed a lot in recent years, at Flappin they add an extra edge to an already unique and desirable experience because it breaks up the everyday: Surprise: “It's another element of the experience we offer. In fact, it's the differentiating factor of our product along with our guarantee.” Satisfaction. You never know where you're going until the journey is about to start, and that makes it even more satisfying and interesting, we think. As Mark explained, a lot determines the destination, because at Flappin', we only work with suppliers that we know won't fail On Europe flights, there are 25 possible destinations and you can exclude two if you want. You can also choose to change your flight times or enjoy a different accommodation. These improvements, of course, add a little to the cost, but they are not excessive. And if something goes wrong, which can That happens sometimes, that's no problem either. If a hotel doesn't meet expectations, you burn us and it's changed forever. One that doesn't live up to that. It indicates that we are here selling happiness and nothing should go wrong. Paul Clavell

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