“I already understood.” Confession of Bellin

“I already understood.”  Confession of Bellin

A new (perhaps too far away) motorbike route has opened yet is an opportunity to divert media attention to an exemplary case. After sharing in dancing with the stars, Andrea Ianon He decided to explain that the malaise had already been revealed and was caused by a judgment Sports Arbitration Commission, who decided to suspend him from work for four years, pleading guilty to taking prohibited substances.

Pilot MotoGP He expressed the accumulation of athletic and human frustration, which he wanted to have a sincere meeting with, even though he was repeating on the eve of his television experience.

Yannon and the doping rule: ‘I was sick’

malaise that Iannon note for very right.

“I really worked and understood everything even before the result of the sentence. I was sick and suffered a lot, but I acted very fast looking for motivation every day, out of anything. I began to take it philosophically and look around at what life gave me and I am here today ” , as stated in the expectations contained in a press release fromMediaset press office.

What happened to the sample wide, or disqualification, which according to his version would have been caused by food contamination, would be exceptional. And the absurd, as his lawyers tried to support the appropriate forums, who tried to prove the absolutely involuntary nature of the accident:

“Since 16 years, I have been getting tests done and have always tested negative for any kind of substance. It was admitted that I did not eat any substance voluntarily, but simply by eating a piece of meat in the restaurant, but it was not enough,” he replied to Silvia Tovanen.

Iannone and love for Giulia De Lellis: ‘It was always there’

The bitterness in which you live Iannon, as of 2019 or from being disqualified from the MotoGP Championship for sentence execution, has touched deep strings that, as the rider himself explains, also affects the relationship with the model and impact Julia de LillisThen his partner.

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she has, Iannon Retains words of appreciation and affection:

“Julia lived with me when the disaster happened, my head was somewhere else, and then the love disappeared. I have good relations with her, we talk a lot and I love her. He showed me that he was there whenever I needed him.”

Yannon and the relationship with Belen Rodriguez

Affection, respect and great admiration are also what unites it Belen Rodriguez, his ex-partner who always had deep feelings for him and who, perhaps, preferred not to share much of his experience except privately:

“I have always had an excellent dialogue with Beilin which has been our strength. I believe I have brought love and goodness into his life. I have come at a very difficult time for her: she was breaking up and her marriage is over. I have always seen her suffer so much because of this failure.”

Despite the courtship that was attributed to him after the story ended with him Julia de LillisAnd Iannon He wanted to reiterate that at the moment he is not constrained and that he does not intend to enter into a relationship soon, thus denying – indirectly – the alleged attraction to his dance teacher, Lucrezia Landau.

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