Mara Vener panicked, impressive financial loophole: “10 million euros are missing”

Mara Vener panicked, impressive financial loophole: “10 million euros are missing”
Mara Venier (Raiplay screenshot image) –

The accusation is very harsh: it will be theft of property. But what does Mara Venere have to do with all this? Let’s find out right away.

Mara Venere He is very capable in his job and can handle it a lot Threads truly sensitive, She managed to move forward with truly incredible mastery.

Vinier, as we know, is a fan of the nickname herself ‘paternal aunt’ Television: his programme, sunday in, It’s been a must-have for Ray for years now.

He proves, every time, that he has something specific trust With many guests, given his career, the accolades, but above all, his distinctive way of making an entrance sympathy And Adjust With people, even when they don’t know them directly.

These days I am Spotlights They’re targeting one Affair Not very transparent: let’s talk about it money, A topic that often divides Families -And not only.

Mara Venere, on Dominica in the person concerned

The announcer called the person who would be accused of making a big deal unfairness To one of Italian actresses Most loved by date Cinema. The singer in question is gina lollobrigida, Coming to To miss Last January, there was an uproar that spread throughout the country.

The topic has been discussed for a long time From inheritance Written by Lollobrigida, the actress who made Italians and others dream, due to her fame and internationally known skill: Veneer He decided to address the issue face to face, inviting whoever he was Accused By stealing assets from the deceased star.

Andrea Piazzolla, Lollobrigida's former collaborator.
Andrea Piazzolla, former collaborator of Gina Lollobrigida (screenshot from Raiplay) –

Gina Lollobrigida’s former collaborator on the show

Mara Veneer She hosted him, giving him the opportunity to tell his former self cooperating Written by Gina Lollobrigida, Andrea Piazzolla. “The accusation is serious,” says Fenner.[…]She was missing 10 million dollars Euros are of Gina origins.” The interview continues and other celebrities intervene, some of whom are very close friends of the late actress. “gold Someone commented: 10 million euros user, Summarize the focus of the interview.

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Where did they end up? The 10 million euros? Then I asked Mara, very directly and equally effectively. The Queen of Sunday TV is showing more and more how capable she is To comment a a question truly sensitive, It is still full of contradictions, directly calling the person concerned and ensuring an objective view of the known facts. The right person will discover the truth: what is certain is that Mara Veneer You will always keep bringing more fact Possible in the television.

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