“Nobody thinks about renewals or trophies! We know we play a lot.”

“Nobody thinks about renewals or trophies! We know we play a lot.”

Nerazzurri defender: “Fourth place is important, but today there is only Benfica”

There are players that every manager wants to always have with them, no matter what. Warranties and securities. fixed points. Players who may arrive in the bewilderment of the crowd and who, when they leave, leave in applause and regret. Flawless professionals, they are usually selective athletes. like Matthew DarmianoneInter He conquered it game after game. Today a fixed point, reduced on the defensive line, but ready if it serves any role and mission to hit a historic target,to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions LeagueThen we look further at the case: “There is a will to make this last month the best way possible,” Darmian began in the press conference on the eve of the match against Benfica – Because we play a lot, starting tomorrow night. We know it’s going to be tough but we’re just focused on the game ahead of us.”

The European path has been exciting so far, very different from the one in La Liga: “In Europe we had a good path and we want to continue. If I have to choose a specific moment, I think about the game against Barcelona. At the Camp Nou, then We know very well that we are not having our best moment in the leagueWe are unable to open or close matches and we concede goals at the first chances. The points that we expected or perhaps deserved did not arrive, it is a situation that we want to change, but a Champions League match awaits us and we are focused on that.

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Much has been said and written these days. Now we need unity between the team and the stadium, between the players and the fans. In short, San Siro should also make a difference: “There’s not much to say, because since the beginning of the year the fans have always been great support and great help. I’m sure they will do it again tomorrow night, we certainly want to give them great satisfaction.” And the group, for Darmian, is compact and ready: “I think that everyone takes the field calmly, that everyone is trying to improve day by day and give everything to Inter. Nobody thinks about renovations or anything. We know how important tomorrow’s game is, we want to play a great game. He will definitely move from the situation we will put him in. It’s something we totally want. Instead, the controversy over the alleged Champions League qualification prize was returned to the sender, an issue that does not exist: “Certainly at this stage of the season that is our goal and I don’t think it needs an award or something like that. We know how important it is to achieve this goal.”

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