Inzaghi: “The team stayed true. Lautaro? Incredible continuity. Dumfries…”

Inzaghi: “The team stayed true. Lautaro? Incredible continuity. Dumfries…”

The Nerazzurri coach’s statements came out on the Dazen microphones at the conclusion of Inter Verona.

with some problems, Inter He managed to beat Verona 1-0 thanks to a goal from Lautaro. At the end of the race, Simon My mood He analyzed his evidence on DAZN microphones. These are the statements of the Nerazzurri coach:Lautaro? He is doing very well, but already before the World Cup. He has unbelievable continuity this season, I had to ask him for something more because we are now having some difficulty with the forward courses. She gave depth and was very helpful again tonight. How much do I miss Lukaku features? This year the choice was made to bring Romelu back here, unfortunately, like Brozović, we never got them. But we have to look forward, and hope to get her back as soon as possible. We know what Romelu can give us, and now he has this inflammation that’s keeping him from working his best. Let’s hope he can improve from training to training.”.

“Darmian? He’s in perfect shape. Dumfries came back from the World Cup with a physical problem that limited him at first. He’s worked well these days, but not like the Dumfries we know. It’s a huge added value for us, now we have to get him back in shape. Brozovic and Lukaku are in Super Cup? No, Pruzo and Handanovic No, he should keep an eye on Lukaku in the next few days and see how his inflammation responds. Scudetto? Napoli have made a huge margin, they’ve done amazing. Consistent trajectory. We’re the ones behind with the others lagging behind. We have to keep pedaling without Looking at the tables and the rankings.Although we couldn’t score the second goal, the team remained honest and defended our goal well.The last two and a half months, despite very important defections, the team found very good continuity.Despite this, the Napoli’s trajectory makes these 10 matches feel natural.

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