Napoli how much it deserves to qualify for the Champions League? all numbers

Napoli how much it deserves to qualify for the Champions League?  all numbers

with the gypsy drawing Against Bologna, Naples was too Mathematical certainty To be Qualification for the next European Champions League.

President De Laurentiis often considered this goal as Minimum Seasonal Goalas well as above all for an important person economic return. But what is the value of a simple person in terms of income? sharing In the biggest and most important European club event?

Given that the numbers should remain the same for Three-year period 2021-2024 (As happened in 2018-2021), we analyzed some numbers from Football and finance.

Photo: Getty Images – Napoli de Laurentiis

Champions League revenue

First of all, for one alone qualification All clubs will receive 15.64 million euros. Another major prize will come based on Final position Napoli in the Italian league standings.

In case third placeThey will go into the boxes blue 21.8 million euros (5 of them are from UEFA, the rest are from Lega), while if Spalletti’s men arrived Quarters There will be more Five million less. It will come from UEFA 2.5 million, while it will come from the League 14.2, for a total 16.7 million.

Another important slice of profits will be provided by TV rights sharing Among the four Italians present in the competition. The longer the Italian continues to compete, the more she appears on TV and, accordingly, the more viewers she has economic income.

So, in the scenario worst possibleNapoli went in groups, three Italians to the semi-finals and two to the final blues Anyway, they will get minimal money 3.4 million (A very small number, given that it is, at least for now, difficult to assume that three Serie A teams can get that far.)

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It is important to remember that other significant revenue will come from Historical order / ten years, i.e. from Napoli’s positioning in relation to the qualified teams. at this time , blues I eighteen At worst, they will get it 17.055 million.

Napoli Champions League revenue
Photo: Getty – Napoli Champions League

More than 50 million just to qualify

In total, therefore, Napoli always resorts to the worst hypothesis in each case analyzed, Napoli will already have in his pocket 52.795 million euros.

All this without counting the related rewards victories From singles matches in the two groups (2.8 million) and artificial intelligence He paints (0.93 million) plus individual bonuses for various Transformation Corridors: 9.6 million for the round of 16, 10.6 for the quarter-finals, 12.5 for the semi-finals, 15.5 for the final and 4.5 for the victory.

Whatever happens, big event breath of fresh air for speakers blue.

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