June 10, 2023

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Elden Ring: Update 1.09.1 ​​is available, and FromSoftware also offers suggestions on ray tracing

FromSoftware has published a file Elden Ring update: This is hotfix 1.09.1 Which fixes a number of bugs in the game. There is also a note regarding ray tracing. The update is available for All platforms PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S.

By Bandai Namco’s official website, this is indicated Elden Ring Hotfix Update Fixes a bug where some skill effects, spells, items, and weapons did not properly increase the attack power of spells and spells. In addition, a bug that allowed the power-up effect of the Medusa Shield to continue to be used even after it was undoed was fixed. In addition, the balancing damage caused by the Cursed Blood Slash skill was reduced.

As for Ray Tracing in the PC versionFromSoftware states that in some circumstances it is possible for ray tracing to be activated automatically after the 1.09 update, causing performance issues for players without them realizing the setting was active. FromSoftware then suggests checking it and disabling the setting via the game’s graphics settings.

Additionally, the team suggests making sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements and has the latest graphics card drivers installed, just in case. Using Ray Tracing grounds Unable to start the game or making the Elden Ring unstable.

On PC, you can also use a mod that implements DLSS and FSR and significantly improves Elden Ring performance.

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