Nintendo is working on a new episode of its popular series, according to a rumour

Nintendo is working on a new episode of its popular series, according to a rumour

Splatoon 4 is likely in the worksThis is according to what was reported by the well-known leaker Midori, who identified a symbolic name among Nintendo’s current productions and linked it to the new episode of the shooter series.

“Nintendo is working on a game project codenamed Spiral,” the leaker wrote in a post on Twitter. “Checking the data I received last month, it is likely that this is the codename assigned to The next episode of the Splatoon series“.

Midori added that she will provide information regarding these codenames to trusted members of the Famiboards Forum, while clarifying that she will be very careful about leaks related to Nintendo projects, as she is careful not to spend a few years inside.

So far, Midori’s expectations, linked above all to the production of SEGA and Atlus, have proven to be well-founded.

Obvious sequel?

Splatoon 4 is currently in production, let’s face it; It was taken for granted: The series has been a huge success so far, with sales of the third chapter alone reaching 7.9 million copies.

Therefore, it is natural for Nintendo to work on developing a new episode, however For any platform exactly? With the Nintendo Switch 2’s launch scheduled for 2025, including Splatoon 4 in the initial lineup certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Maybe we’ll know more in a few days, when the anticipated Nintendo Direct for June will actually air.

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