February 5, 2023

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Counting kilometers “downloaded” in one second: the trap that affects these motorists

In recent weeks, many car owners have reported that the odometer suddenly reset to zero: what is happening and how to solve the annoying error.

Buying a new car is always fun for car enthusiasts. Unlike used cars, new cars have the undeniable charm of not being owned by anyone and thus left by the factory to become the cars of those who buy them. Preference in this sense is clearly not exclusive.romantic’, but also technique and mechanics.

Downloaded kilometer counter (mondofuoristrada.it)

New cars mainly have instruments and options that keep pace with the times, so the on-board computers are equipped with the infotainment system, but also traction control, emergency braking, proximity sensors, road sign readers, and so on. Moreover, the fact that these are completely new engines and components and therefore, at least in theory, more resistant and reliable over time should certainly not be underestimated.

It is therefore always advisable to opt for a new car purchase, except to be able to afford such an expense economically. However, it can happen that some car models appear to have design defects and these defects appear only when these cars are widely distributed. In some cases, these problems are difficult to resolve through post-production intervention, and in other cases only a defective component change or software update is necessary to resolve them. On the other hand, the warranty offered on a newly purchased vehicle is used to cover design defects and to replace that component that is not working properly, at no additional cost.

Seat Arona, the odometer is suddenly going out

Arona seat
Odometer suddenly reset to zero How to fix – Websource, Mondofuoristrada.it

In the last period there were many owners Seat Arona 1.0 TSI 12V Turbo (model in production since 2017) to complain about the sudden reset of the partial odometer in conjunction with the internal clock. The problem is so widespread that SEAT itself even shared an informational note about it. The first to detect this error on the on-board computer was a well-known company that deals with technical bulletins and aftermarket tools. If the defect does not occur to you, it cannot be detected by internal diagnostics, as there appear to be no DTC errors in the fault memory.

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But before alarming yourself, always make sure that the partial odometer reset is done at the same time as the internal clock. If this does not happen, then the problem may lie elsewhere. If you recently replaced the battery, for example, one of the terminals it’s connected to might not be seated properly. There is also a reason related to the type of program. Depending on what your car model is equipped with, in fact, the partial odometer can be reset when the limit is reached, which can be 19 hours 59 minutes or 99 hours 59 minutes of driving. Depending on the settings, it can also be downloaded after 1999.9 or 9999.9 kilometers.

How to solve the Seat Arona hardware error

Arona seat
Odometer suddenly reset to zero How to fix – Websource, Mondofuoristrada.it

If you encounter this problem, don’t worry, because its solution is simple. In fact, according to what was revealed by Seat, to solve the sudden zeroing, it is necessary to update the software of the on-board devices. Obviously, it is always advisable to take your vehicle to an official or authorized workshop, so that a thorough check can be carried out and there is certainty that the problem has been resolved.