Two major families make up the European far right

Two major families make up the European far right

Understand why The European extreme family is divided into two groupsIn addition, some independent satellites – such as Hungary’s Viktor Orbán – are complex and subject to changing situations. Ursula von der Leyen’s idea of ​​communicating with Italian Giorgia Meloni did not succeed, under the pretext that she is neither pro-Russian nor anti-European. It involves expanding its scope to include other parties in the same orbit as the Italian Prime Minister, as part of the so-called Conservatives and Reformists (ECR). There is also Vox, Poland’s Law and Justice party, which drove the European Commission crazy while in power, or the Sweden Democrats, who, from their position as outside allies, control the centrist coalition led by Ulf Kristersson.

For the Federal Center for Political Training of the German Interior Ministry, there are two lines that distinguish the European Council from the other parliamentary group, Identity and Democracy (ID), where the National Group (RN) led by Marine Le Pen or the League party led by Matteo Salvini, or the Freedom Party of Austria, or Freedom, led by Dutchman Geert Wilders, or even excluding the Alternative for Germany party. The ECR aligns with extreme conservatives and Eurosceptics, while it aligns with right-wing extremism. There are no very precise dividing lines, but several factors help determine them: in terms of the internal life of these parties; On the other hand, the degree of their extremism. Berlin political scientist Hago Funke of the Free University of Berlin adds to these factors relations with the Kremlin.

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Links with neo-Nazism

The Alternative for Germany party is under surveillance by German intelligence services in some federal states, especially in the east, because it is classified as an “extremist party.” There are definite links with neo-Nazism, as it has managed to become stronger, in certain areas of the East, so-called no-go zones or places where daily life becomes dangerous for any citizen who can be identified as being of foreign origin. Statistics on political violence, whether in the form of harassment or physical attacks, are high, with the AfD party particularly strong. Similar situations are witnessed in Austria or the Netherlands, where the influence of the dominant far-right parties in each of them is more evident.

Marine Le Pen has sought rapprochement with Italian Giorgia Meloni, who proposes to her to regroup her forces, as a strategy to seize power. Le Pen aspires to replace Emmanuel Macron as president. But it will not succeed if it does not approach the center and the clean identity of the extremism that the AfD represents. While Marine Le Pen seeks normalization, Alice Weidel’s party openly embraces extremism. “The AfD gained more voters from extreme positions or by stoking tensions than by trying to appear moderate,” according to political scientist Funke V. El Periodico. “Mild extremism” will not work for the AfD, which currently has no prospect of gaining or sharing power. Both the Austrian Freedom Party, the leading force in the opinion polls, and the Dutch Wilders’ Party, winner of the last national elections, have begun filing objections.

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Suspicion of bribery

When Ursula von der Leyen asserts that the Giorgia Meloni Brotherhood “is not a pro-Russian party,” because it provides aid to Ukraine, she removes from her list those formations that are considered to operate, from Europe, in the service of the Kremlin and Europe. Its disinformation networks. The AfD is the most egregious case within the Identity Party. Not only because of suspicions of bribes from Moscow to party members, but also because it accompanied Russian election whitewashing missions and because it calls for a referendum on “Exit“- Or Brexit to Germany.

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