Spot on deceptive fibers, this is why

The ad was withdrawn but controversies persist. The Iliad awaits the reasons for the jury that accepted the requests of one of the contenders.

Such a moment for the Iliad, despite the great success of his promotions and commercial strategies. Last but not least, the successful acquisition of Vodafone Italia.

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In recent days, in fact, experts have pointed out that the French operator is the fourth largest ever among the largest, both in terms of service and standards. While Vodafone was the best company for the fourth year in a row. An indication of not only performance but also how much performance has actually improved in the past year. in this meaning, Historic companies They have the advantage of longevity and physiological adaptation to the times. In addition to a good marketing strategy, the Iliad also includes a new susceptibility to offers that are no longer bound by acceptance. Basically, the operator corrected his main defect.

It might have been a matter of time before the last ascent. The truth is that most users have developed some kind of loyalty with the big companies which, perhaps, can be overcome if the marriage with Vodafone takes place in the end. In a still feverish setting, between development and marketingHowever, the Iliad suffers an unexpected slip. Incidentally, directly in front of the promotion of their services. The jury intervened and responded to a competitor’s request regarding fiber advertising.

The Iliad is in Kodakun’s goal to show: What’s going on

The Iliad suspends the jury: Because the ad was declared misleading

According to the authority, the Iliad’s advertisement for fiber is misleading. The reasons for this moment are unknown, although whoever made the request appears to be. It will be WindTre, which was identified as “our competitor” by the French company in the official statement that made the story known. The ad was withdrawn after pronunciation. However, pending the reasons, This is clearly another step A bilateral on the fibers that, between the two giants, hasn’t been happening for a day. In the fall, for example, it was the Iliad who provided an example of an advertising stunt for a competitor, removing the stain.

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Vodafone (again) beats the Iliad: for experts, navigation is the best

For its part, the “Iliad” merely declared itself amazed at the jury’s intervention, had it not respected the duty to communicate the characteristics of the show. Transparency was not, it seems, enough to protect us from harassment. The reasons shall state the reason which prompted not so much for the request as for the decision. If only because the ad in question is short-lived and only a few words. but in the end, There may actually be a controversial element that caused the uproar. In fact, there is talk of a total of 5 Gbit / s at 15.99 euros per month forever but only for customers. That point could be 5 Gbit/s. Even Adiconsum, a few days ago, asked for clarifications because the Iliad declaration was considered incomprehensible or, in any case, incomprehensible to the consumer, and also incomparable with what the competitors suggested. we will see.

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