Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Physical sales at launch in the UK are significantly lower than FF7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Physical sales at launch in the UK are significantly lower than FF7 Remake's Christopher Dring gave his usual rundown of last week's sales figures for the UK market, awaiting the full rankings, with a particular focus on sales. Final Fantasy 7 RebirthWhich seems obvious Lower than that of Final Fantasy 7 Remake at launchWhy worry? Physical market.

“In terms of physical copy sales in the UK, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's launch week was a huge success 30% decrease Compared to the previous game launch,” Dring wrote in a post on X, later adding some potential mitigations to the situation.

“The first game came during the height of the coronavirus lockdowns,” Dring explained, which may explain the initial difference in terms of sales, but in fact there are many other aspects to take into account as well.

Waiting for digital data

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has received rave reviews from the industry press

Meanwhile, a more complete view will only be available in the next few days: “i Digital data It will be announced later in the week,” added the editor, and perhaps only with these will we be able to get a more accurate picture.

Remembering that this is only the British market (but the comparison with the first chapter is always on the same sample), it is worth noting that the actual market has shrunk even more compared to 2020, when Final Fantasy 7 Remake was launched.

Moreover, the latter was launched on PS4 when the platform in question had a much larger installed base than the current PS5, another element that could provide some additional references to put the numbers in perspective. Anyway, we wait to see what the data is regarding digital technology to get a more complete idea.

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In the meantime, we refer you to our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth review to learn more about the game in question.

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