Spalletti tables in Coverciano: “These are our commandments”

Spalletti tables in Coverciano: “These are our commandments”

Six logos. Six clear, direct messages to tell the team what Italy should be like under Luciano Spalletti

Six logos. Six clear, direct messages to tell the team what Italy should be like Luciano Spalletti, which he must improve quickly. We are not the best, but if we want to quickly become the best, the national team must always remain active.
Beyond form: Spalletti at Coverciano has a few days available to form the Italy national team and is trying to make every minute count to ingrain football in the heads of his players. These are the ideas that just over a year ago allowed him to paint the spring of Naples, ideas that this year he has been able to appreciate above all at Inter, the Italian champions, but also at Atalanta and Bologna.

In these first days at Coverciano, an important process of persuasion is taking place, ideas that for players should quickly turn into obsessions. Never disconnect. A mistake is allowed only if it is the result of courage and only if you are willing to correct it immediately. Last Friday, in his first training session, Spalletti repeatedly shouted at his players that he wanted to see “uncomfortable things” on the pitch. He listed them yesterday: “Our commandments.” Subtitle: “In modern football the things that make the difference.”

1) Constant pressure (removes confidence)
2) Game control (ball management)
3) Even (team distances, short, close)
4) Fierce comeback (on losing the ball)
5) Reconstitution (returning home)
6) System, study and preparation (to return to pressure)

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In these six letters are found all of Spalletti’s ideas. The second point explains why Fagioli is in this group, and the fourth point explains why Ricci and Folorunsho found themselves in the 29. He wants players who are flexible and at the same time aggressive. The ball must be controlled or recovered immediately: do not give your opponents time to think. Never lose your distance, or your connection with your teammates. Then “System, Study and Prepare” so you always have clear ideas about what to do at any stage of the match.
Tomorrow there will be the first friendly test against Türkiye, and twelve days later the first test against Albania. Spalletti did not want to leave anything to chance on that occasion and wrote so yesterday. He made his will, thus revealing his horizon: if the team follows him to the end, we will see some good things.

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