Xi visits Putin: “a mission for peace.” The United States: “Any Chinese proposal for a truce is unacceptable”

Xi visits Putin: “a mission for peace.”  The United States: “Any Chinese proposal for a truce is unacceptable”

The coming days will be his fortieth meeting between the two leaders, to emphasize the importance of the agreement. But the trip risks jeopardizing the Chinese president’s other foreign policy goals, such as avoiding abolishing dialogue with the United States and protecting and strengthening economic and trade relations with the European Union. And the White House closes the door to any idea of ​​a cease-fire

on his visit to Russia From Monday to Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping will strengthen its relations with Russian President Vladimir Putinmore and more partners employee from China but also increasingly Unpredictable. “mission for peaceBeijing Foreign Ministry Qin Gang said on Friday. Unliberated power third term Straight on top of the People’s Republic, after the historical equal The third secretariat In the ranks of the Communist Party, Xi decided to start the cycle of visits abroad in the second decade of his rule from Moscow, just as he did ten years ago when he conquered the head of state. The next few days will be his Fortieth meeting With Putin, to stress the importance of understanding between the two countries. But the trip is alarming Other goals Xi’s foreign policy, such as to avoidescalation to strain with United State Protection and promotion of economic and trade relations withEuropean Union. In fact, the Dragons still need access to Western markets, technology and capital to return to scoring a goal strong growthThe real source of legitimacy of the Communist Party.

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On the other hand, Russia is increasingly dependent on China to buy petroleum And Gas In the face of Western sanctions, but it claims its own independent ability to maneuver. Before Xi’s state visit began, Putin paid his first visit to an occupied Ukrainian city Mariupolmore than symbolic of the Russian invasion, in another clear attempt to emphasize Beijing’s support, ”V. assertshandle diplomatic source. Rather than push Putin to withdraw from Ukraine, some observers say Xi will use the meeting to develop Bilateral strategic partnership. In order to enhance the image of the neutral party interested in peace – the S wallTreat Journal – The Chinese president will then have to talk virtually with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky For the first time since the beginning of the invasion, probably after his trip to Moscow. The White House is preparing for the visit in a wait-and-see situation: “We’ll see what comes out of this meeting,” said White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. However, a possible request for a truce is being considered in Ukraine.unacceptable’, because it would mean ‘ratification of the conquests that Russia has made so far’ and ‘Allow more time to Putin.

Since Moscow attacked Kiev, Beijing has avoided any condemnation of holding it ambiguous position At the end of February, he presented to the international community a A 12-point peace planWhich asks, among other things, to “respect the sovereignty of all countries”, “abandon the Cold War mentality” and stop “unilateral sanctions”. Any great distance from Moscow would have Knockdown China cannot afford it: it is possible that the communist leadership will seek to better balance the twin goals of achieving them stability in Relations with Europe And make sure that Russia Don’t lose the warHowever, it remains aligned with China, which is essential to the government’s plans for a new global arrangement at the expense of the United States. Xi will refuse to put his name on anything that might cause me Economic reaction to the West“, explains the diplomatic source. While is Xijinformer director of Global Times – A national tabloid controlled by the Chinese government – wrote on Twitter that “the United States provides reason and energy to continue the Ukrainian war”. Instead, “China provides rationality and the Hopes to finish it off.”

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