Attack on Capitol: Trump challenges to provide documents to Congress

In a 26-page lawsuit, his attorney seeks administrative privilege and a request to the Inquiry CommitteeJanuary 6 Capitol attack The separation of powers is questionable.

In a political ploy to please his party allies, President Biden refused to accept the executive offer on several documents requested by the committee. [être protégés par] Offer [de l’exécutif]Jesse Binnell, accused in documents filed in federal court in the District of Columbia.

Files should be kept confidential because they can be included Discussions with [ou sur] The outcome of the work of foreign leaders and lawyers, all communications protected by the most important national security secrets and privileges [de l’exécutif] For a group of hundreds of people, Says the lawyer.

In his complaint, presumably, the former president condemned Almost unlimited scope Request of the House Special Inquiry Committee. While emphasizing that the requested documents are unreasonably related to the January 6 events, he is a critic Serious and illegal fishing trip […] Without any reasonable judicial intent.

In particular, the group would like to keep in its possession documents relating to meetings attended by Donald Trump, records of visitors to the White House, videos and photos taken at the White House on January 6. Rally speech In front of the White House, before his supporters hit the building and its laws on Twitter.

The former president’s lawyer further argues that a sitting president’s dismissal of his predecessor’s executive offer a few months after stepping down is unconstitutional.

The White House last week Formally rejected the request of the ancestor Joe Biden’s decision not to hand over the documents to the special committee believes that the Capitol seat is an extraordinary circumstance, which generally dismisses the offer to protect White House communications.

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President Biden said each request would be considered separately to determine whether the offer should be waived.

The White House recently gave the National Archives, which holds communications related to White House documents and Donald Trump’s tenure, 30 days to submit documents related to January 6 to the Commission of Inquiry. Its initial recognition was 125 pages.

Donald Trump’s attorney is seeking a court injunction restraining the National Archives from providing these documents, but is targeting all documents requested by his trial team.

The constitutional protections of administrative privilege should not be used to block information from Congress or the public that reflects a clear and overt attempt to undermine the Constitution.White House lawyers argued earlier this month.

The administrator’s offer is not unlimited: for example, the Supreme Court has ruled that the release of confidential records in the Oval Office requested as part of a criminal investigation cannot be ruled out.

According to CNN, several lawyers who worked for Donald Trump have refused to defend his case in court. This will be the case with Jay Sekulo, who was part of the security team at the first indictment. Jesse represented the former president behind the case, preventing Joe Biden’s victory in Nevada, one of the dozens of court challenges the Trump side has lost in the wake of his presidential defeat.

Benon was at the center of a process accusing Congress of insulting him

Steve Bannon

Photo: Associated Press / Jeffrey D. Barnes

In the evening, on January 6, the Committee on Events released a report of about twenty pages.

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However, Steve Bannon, who was scheduled to testify before the panel last Thursday Violated the order.

In a letter to the panel, he argued that his lawyer would comply with a possible court ruling on the issue. Administrative privilege and professional secrecy between a lawyer and his client, But he was for now In case of legal impossibility To comply.

The panel is set to decide on Tuesday whether Congress recommends filing contempt charges.

The House, which has a majority of Democrats, will vote on the matter, and then the decision will be in the hands of the judiciary.

Many experts say the executive privilege does not apply to Steve Bannon, a controversial figure on the American ultra-conservative right. He left his post at the White House in 2017.

On Jan. 5, he allegedly tried to persuade elected officials in Congress to withhold election certificates and was in contact with Donald Trump just days before the attack on Capitol Hill.

The panel also ordered the release of supplementary documents to former White House Commander-in-Chief Mark Meadows and his deputy Commander-in-Chief Dan Scavino and former Secretary of Defense Cash Patel.

They There was also a testimony last week, But the team staff said they had Collaborated With the group and the deadline postponed.

Last week, the House Special Committee also subpoenaed former Judicial Officer Jeffrey Clark. Is involved in efforts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election.

Seen as a key witness, Mr. Clark ordered the documents to be submitted.

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