From the United States of America to South Africa, representatives of 15 countries bike to the Abruzzo World Assembly –

From the United States of America to South Africa, representatives of 15 countries bike to the Abruzzo World Assembly –

L’Aquila – The Abruzzo Regional Council of the World (CRAM) is preparing for the annual assembly of its members which will be hosted this year in L’Aquila on November 2, at the Palazzo dell’Emiciclo, headquarters of the Regional Council. Abruzzo Council. It is expected that 22 delegations from expatriate communities abroad will participate, representatives of the countries of Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Great Britain, Paraguay, the United States, South Africa, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela. The work will be directed by the Board of Directors chaired by the President of the Abruzzo Region, Marco Marsilio It consists of regional advisors Roberto Santangelo,Sabrina Mouthpiece And Sarah MarcuseWith the representative of the Observatory of Associations, Antonio mushroom. The initiative is desirable, promoted and financed directly by the Legislative Assembly, through the office headed by President Lorenzo Sospiri, and supported on the organizational side, by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism of the Abruzzo Region in collaboration with the Administrative Department of the Regional Council. . Cram’s activities are supported by the regional law that created it, which dates back to 1989 and was then updated with subsequent reforms until the last reform in 2017.

the program

November 2 – The assembly work will begin at 10.00 on Thursday 2 and will continue until the evening and end with the performance of “Musical Transhumance” by Maestro Ambrogio Sparagna. Among the topics under discussion is the program of activities for 2024, with some proposals to be evaluated such as the “Year of Roots” or the review of the regional law that established the “Day of Abruzzo in the World”. In addition to the institutional session, the delegation will be the protagonist of two periods of in-depth study and analysis to be held in L’Aquila and Chieti.

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November 3 – On the morning of November 3, starting at 10.00, a conference entitled “Italians in the World and the Phenomenon of Migration from Abruzzo” will be held at the Sala Ipogea in the Palazzo dell’Emiciclo. Between opportunities and difficulties.” During the conference, the awarding of the honorary title of “Honorary Ambassador of Abruzzo to the World” will be celebrated during the conference. The meeting will be opened by the Hon. George. Seely, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with responsibilities related to policies for Italians in the world. Other interventions will be animated by: President of ANCI Abruzzo, Gianguido Dalberto; Sergio NataliaExpert on migration phenomena and editor of the volume “Terre in viaggio. Migration routes in the Roveto Valley and the Nerva Valley in the twentieth century”; Simonetta They will see us And Patricia montori, Professors of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering (DICEAA) – University of L’Aquila; Goffredo PalmeriniJournalist and writer expert on immigration issues; Camilo It is clearWriter, promoter and immigration expert. Roberto Santangelo, Vice President of the Regional Council and Cram Councilor, will close the conference. The work is supervised by journalist Angelo De Nicola. At 3.30pm, there will be a guided tour of L’Aquila.

November 4 On Saturday, November 4, the crowd moves to Chieti for the “Rooted Tourism” conference. The search for origins, return and tourist valorization of the territory.” The meeting will be hosted in the “Sala Cascella” of the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti-Pescara, in Largo Gian Battista Vico N. 3. After the institutional greeting scheduled at 10.00 am, we will get to the heart of the discussion with reports by Giovanni Maria Devita, Coordinator of Roots Tourism Company; Gianluigi TomboliniMayor of Nomana and Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, António Tajani For tourism promotion activities in the regions; Nicholas Iannone, Mayor of Tornaricchio; Joanna De LiloJournalist, teacher and director of the John Fanti Festival, expert and researcher on migration phenomena and author of a report for migrants on the return of migrants from Abruzzo; Joseph summaryresearcher at La Cattolica University in Milan and editor of the book “Discovering the Italians.” “Root Journeys in Italy”; Karim Dagnes And Jeremiah Left-handedand authors of the Abruzzo Stars & Stripes volumes and immigration experts. Conclusions will be assigned to Daniele DamarioTourism consultant in the Abruzzo region. The business will be conducted by Sarah Marcozzi, Regional Counsel and Cram Advisor. A guided tour of Chieti is scheduled for 3:00 p.m.

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The days of the Abruzzo Regional Council of the World will end at 6.00 pm, again at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti Pescara, with an event open to citizens, where each member of the Cram will be able to talk about his experience linked to migration and the reality of the associations that he represents. (Accra)

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