Omigron, registered infections: 218 thousand in the UK, almost 300 thousand in France. Has surpassed one million in the United States

“The France It’s not far off 300 thousand people are affected by corona One day “. An unprecedented forecast in Europe from the beginning of the epidemic comes from the mouth of the Minister of Health of Paris, Oliver Veron, Who made the data public during his speech in Parliament. After the adjournment this evening, as the House resumes this afternoon, the debate on the Bill to introduce the Bill Super green bass Similar to Italian. According to a government spokesman, Gabriel Attle, Announced that even though the children of health workers were closed due to the Govit-19 infection, they could continue to go to class: “We plan to welcome children everywhere in France. Children of health workers – He said microphones France Inter “So parents can continue to work,” he explained.

Although United States They were amazed at what was new Different Omigron And in the last few hours they have recorded a high number of infections since the onset of the epidemic More than 1 million cases Sign in. Unprecedented increase, especially in some states Florida, Gathering during the holidays. In four days, the total number of infections In the states Has doubled. On the other hand, they are 4 times higher than the data a week ago. In Florida, the US state with the lowest restrictions, there are cases 948% growth in two weeks. You can know that it is contagious Johns Hopkins University, As many Americans now rely on DIY Covid experiments to underestimate that they have a higher degree of error than molecules.

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Please post more England, There are 218,724 registered cases, a complete peak since the onset of the epidemic and more than 200,000 for the first time. However, 48 deaths have been recorded, bringing the total number of hospital admissions to more than 14,000, about 2,000 more than yesterday. Numbers never seen before Greece There are 50,126 new cases of Kovit-19, not so much since the outbreak began.

In Germany Govt cases are on the rise again. In the last 24 hours, they recorded 30,561 new infections e 356 people have died. ‘S data Robert Koch Company Report aWeekly event The sixth consecutive daily bulletin stands today growing 239.9 cases per 100 thousand population. However, the numbers are much lower than the 432.2 cases a month ago. While inside Spain Weekly events are now on the rise: 1,348 cases per 100,000 population, a sharp increase compared to the number on Monday evening, with 1,086 cases halted. However, the situation in hospitals seems to be under control due to the high number of vaccinations. 10% of beds and 21% of beds occupied by Govt patients Intensive treatment. “Only a few of the victims need intensive treatment,” the minister said Felix Polanos. In December, authorities re-imposed the application to prevent new wave infections Exterior masks. The two-dose immunization rate for those over 12 years of age has now exceeded 90%, while one-third of children between the ages of 5 and 12 have received the first dose. However, the record of new cases Australia, More than 47 thousand infections were counted on the last day.

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New post too Sweden, Where 11,507 infections And this Positive Re Carlo XVI Gustavo And Queen Sylvia: “The king and queen, fully vaccinated with three injections, have mild symptoms and feel well in the situation,” the palace said.

Gives Israel, Coordinator of the struggle against Govt., Prof Saman circaHe made it clear that the country was not aiming. “Herd immunity. We do not want everyone to be infected, God forbid. Here’s a new virus, which we do not know enough about. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So, it is better for all of us to go and get vaccinated and it is better to protect ourselves by wearing masks.

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