New free services thanks to the EU, not just the commitment to home renovations and appliance replacements

New free services thanks to the EU, not just the commitment to home renovations and appliance replacements

What are the new free services thanks to the EU, and not just the obligation to renovate homes and replace appliances? Not only are the new obligations imposed by the European Union in favor and protection of the environment but certainly costly for the citizens who have to fulfill them: according to the latest news, in fact, the European Union is also working to guarantee benefits and facilities for citizens.

  • New free services thanks to the EU
  • New EU commitments for home renovation and appliance replacement

New free services thanks to the EU

A single currency for all EU citizens that guarantees access to free services without costs, and the possibility of conducting online transactionsin shops and between people, without paying commissions: the EU project to create a digital euro was born with these intentions.

The European Central Bank is said to be working on creating a form of digital currency that is structurally different from that operated by commercial banks, an innovation that could greatly facilitate the lives of citizens.

As it was actually explained Owning a digital euro means not having to deposit its money in a bankPay expensive commissions to access and use your savings through credit cards or other payment methods. Everything will be simpler but also safer and less expensive, therefore, having a direct account with the ECB means your money is safe, because BC cannot go bankrupt and pay much less expenses.

Through direct management of citizens’ money, the ECB will have the possibility to raise wage rates on digital euro accounts for all citizens, but also to decide on a negative rate to encourage people to spend money, and also specify that digital euro accounts will not be. paid.

However, the ECB should also put a limit on the amount of digital euros that every citizen can have, trying to reserve a part of the economic resources for everyone even in ordinary commercial banks that are definitely needed to pay mortgages and loans.

So, The digital euro will act like cash but in a digital version As with cash, every digital euro held by consumers will be guaranteed directly by the European Central Bank but will have no costs and commissions.

New EU commitments for home renovation and appliance replacement

The new one announced by the European Union, which will be beneficial to citizens, joins the other modernity new commitments (Somewhat less positive for the citizens because of the high costs that would be involved) already imposed by the European Unionstarting with the mandatory renovation of old houses.

In fact, the European Union law that provides for the obligation to renovate to make polluting houses of energy class F or even G more efficient in many cases and to bring them at least to class E has been approved according to various steps that, as expected, can be as follows:

  • By 2030, all residential buildings must achieve at least energy class E;
  • By 2033, the energy class to be achieved should be D;
  • By 2040, a level that guarantees zero-emissions construction must be reached by 2050.

According to the provisions of the new European law, the renovation obligation will apply to all homes and buildings of a category below E. The only characteristics excluded from the new home renovation obligation are:

  • second homes
  • Buildings of artistic value
  • buildings recognized for historical and architectural merit;
  • cult buildings.

The European Union also imposed a moratorium on the purchase and installation of gas boilers, which are considered polluting stations, which must completely disappear by 2029, as well as a commitment to replace gas stoves with induction furnaces, which are not as polluting as gas stoves, which reduces cooking times, and thus energy consumption, But even then the transition can be gradual.

Among other obligations imposed by the European Union, there is also the replacement of low-energy class, polluting refrigerators and air conditioners containing hydrofluorocarbons, also known as fluorinated gases, which, according to the European Union, are responsible for emitting greenhouse gases.

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