VAT bonus, how to get it and who can order it

How the VAT number bonus works and what is required in order to be able to apply. How much fruit and what expenses it covers, all the details.

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Additional VAT numberswhich consists of this measure that the government has studied and which adds to a large number of other measures aimed at encouraging consumption and economic activities by providing tax exemptions and economic subsidies, especially for certain groups.

In the case of a VAT bonus, the beneficiaries of the procedure are self-employed who must necessarily have POS. In this way, we are moving on to what is the main objective of the financial supervisory authorities, which is the promotion of traceable payments, which are made with electronic money.

In rewarding the VAT number, the promotion of this payment method is a must. Not all of them adapt, however, due to the operating costs associated with them. Let’s see in more detail how this scale can be reached.

VAT reward, what are its components and how is it obtained

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Obviously, a VAT number is an indispensable requirement to be able to get financial support for the case. Economic recognition is granted in the form of a tax credit It can be easily combined with other procedures. It can be used to purchase the necessary tracking tools as a POS readerAs well as for the commission expenses mentioned above.

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The relevant bonus covers a retroactive period starting from July 1, 2021 and is valid Until June 30, 2022. For those with a cash register, it is also necessary to have a record of the transfer made, with the data then being collected by the revenue agency.

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This support must be requested by filling out Form F24 to attach to your tax return. Below is the scale value scale On the basis of declared revenue:

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  • 100% (up to 200 thousand euros);
  • 70% (ranging from 200 thousand to 1 million euros);
  • 40% (ranging from 1 million to 5 million euros);

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