Tires, the secret to never changing them again | The tire dealer won’t tell you

Tires, the secret to never changing them again |  The tire dealer won’t tell you
Tires, with this trick you no longer have to replace them

Tires are very expensive, but there is a very simple trick to making them last a lifetime. The secret your tire dealer won’t tell you.

Tires wear out and sooner or later it’s time to change them. Obviously, motorists hope that the life of the wheels will last as long as possible, because you will have to spend a lot of money to replace them.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change tires. Replacing worn tires is very important To ensure safe driving on the road: Slick tires have less traction on asphalt and can contribute to causing accidents.

The fines imposed on passengers with worn out tires are very high: they start from a minimum of 85 euros and can reach Up to 338 euros.

Crazy numbers that confirm the importance of maintaining your car’s tires. However, it is possible to spend less and avoid changing tires without wearing them out.

The “secret” of tire dealers

Tire dealers, as experts in this sector, know all the secrets that make tires live longer, but it is clear Most of the time they keep it to themselves. The reason for this secrecy is clear: Tire dealers fear that sharing this knowledge will put their businesses at risk. Every frame worn represents potential profit for them, so the idea of ​​spreading the trick means less profit.

Surely some honest professionals exist, because some drivers know this trick, even if they remain a minority. On the one hand, this situation may be understandable, because it is their job, but it is also true After all, they have many other ways to make moneySuch as tire changing service, pressure measurement, etc.

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Tires, with this trick you no longer have to replace them

The trick you didn’t know

If you want to extend the life of your car’s wheels, you can follow A A very simple trick is to flip the tire position periodically. This is to ensure more uniform tire wear, preventing some from wearing out faster than others. Wheels warp from numerous road trips, but they do not do so uniformly, so turning them by hand is the cheapest solution to avoid having to change them often.

You can also use the spare wheel to replace one of the four wheels used alternately, but only if it is the correct size: if we only have the spare wheel, this operation is strictly prohibited. It is also recommended to change wheels by moving them from the right axle to the left axle, which is generally the axle with the most weight. If you are not aware of this trick, it is better to practice it immediately.

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