Barpenheimer is still going strong in the United States

Barpenheimer is still going strong in the United States

While it also helped to have a big debut this weekend, the films that were already available continue to rack up significant numbers (some more, some less), to create a weekend of 111 million, which is An improvement of 65% compared to the same period in 2022, it reports The deadlines.

Of course, let’s start with Barbie, who does not really think of letting go of the top and already continues to break records. This weekend, it is expected to close with another 30M (-43%), bringing its already impressive total to 522.6M.

This entails – as expected above – other beginnings for the film and its director Greta Gerwig. In fact, it has now exceeded the momentum number Frozen 2 – The Secret of Arendelle, which grossed $477.4 million domestically, the best result to date for a film directed by a woman (Jennifer Lee, who co-directed it with Chris Buck). Also, with Friday’s data, Barbie crossed $1.13 billion worldwide, which was a result Captain Marvel, best data for a movie made by a woman (Anna Bowden, also co-director in this case, with Ryan Fleck). Moreover, looking at the latest numbers, the 574M that represents the best group for 2023 is getting closer and closer, Super Mario Bros – The Movie.

The victory march was also, without a doubt Oppenheimer, which captures another 17.2 million (-41%) thus bringing the total to 262.6 million Americans. At this point, I’d say it could also be close to 300 million, which would mean Nolan’s best film in these areas (apart from the last two chapters of course). Batmanmaking their own story), with that in mind beginning It had closed at 292 m.

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lose a little more (-48%) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutant Chaos, which will garner 14.6 million over the weekend, for a total of 71.6 million. In short, the previous number total is getting closer and closer (and I expect it to be overtaken with the data for next weekend). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Out of the Shadowswhich had closed at 82 pm.

Those who fall in a sustainable (but certainly predictable) way are Shark 2 – Abysswhich would have to be satisfied with another 13M (-57%) and at the moment a total of 54.5M, which makes us understand how the levels for the first quarter (which closed at home with 145.5M) are unachievable.

And we come to the debut/disappointment this weekend, Demeter – Waking Dracula. At a cost of 45 million (though certainly not a huge amount for a US production), it will only come to 6.5 million this weekend, and I’m afraid it won’t have much of a life to spare. On the other hand, he doesn’t have it either Ghost Housewhich won another 5.3 million (-43%) and has to settle for now with a total of 52.5 million.

Another story entirely for the following titles. Thanks to 4.8 million (only -36%) from this weekend, Freedom’s voice It came in at 172.7 million which means that Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny got hit. But the best contract in the top ten (excellent -23%) is Talk to mewhich brings another 4.7 million to 26.8 million and proves to be a good reveal in the US summer market.

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