Flowering poinsettia in container

Flowering poinsettia in container

This week I devoted myself to conducting a comprehensive sociological study of the street. In short, every time he crossed the gate, he paid attention to what the neighbors had thrown into the trash (or rather, parked at his feet). If it seems normal, wait to see the result. The week's summary reads as follows: A poinsettia that doesn't need resuscitation, with leaves that have the remains of Christmas, but are still red; An old wicker chair, which with a little love and a coat of paint could have been new (in any decor store they would have already put a bar code on it with a sticker of 200 euros); A small refrigerator, the kind that can be used as a minibar; A set of pans that don't pull out a lot of French fries either; And the crown jewel: a yellow sofa (colourful, timeless) with matching pillows.

Aside from being a red card in selective collection and trips to the dump (not to mention the huge waste collection service suitable for lazy people, which is a call and in less than 48 hours they have already removed Andromeda), the abandoned stuff speaks for itself: humans are contradictory like that. Getting rid of our things costs us very little, but, on the other hand, we try to keep our grandparents' coffee grinder, which we display as a trophy in the most exclusive corner of the dining room, even if it does not match. Decoration. But we sacrifice it for the poinsettia, because “it's not Christmas anymore, and it's ugly.” The wicker chair, Puerta, which “does not go with the table with a name that cannot be pronounced.” Fridge and pans, straight to the trash, “for what it costs.” And the sofa, on the balcony, “I'm tired of this yellow filth.”

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A few days ago, the bishop-elect of Girona, Octavi Villa, confirmed in an interview with this newspaper that “people are afraid of making a very definite commitment,” referring to the decline in the number of marriages. He stressed that they “prefer temporary things that can be changed with some ease.” Either poinsettia. Restaurant reservation. Dual gym. the job. Tastes and why not, identity.

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