Fiorella Pierobon, from rapid success to complete abyss: here is what happened to the Canale 5 broadcaster today

Fiorella Pierobon, from rapid success to complete abyss: here is what happened to the Canale 5 broadcaster today
Fiorella Pieropone at the time of her success on TV – Solospettacolo (Photo web)

Do you remember her, Fiorella Pieropon? Let’s find out what happened to the most famous TV presenter of the past years.

Television has changed a lot over the years. Since its birth, with one or two channels they have just finished programming in the evening, until today Huge choice.

The older the age certainly remembers circular, A television enclosure containing sketches and commercials endorses, on the only available channel, the end of the day for the little ones.

Another piece that contributed to the history of television is tv announcers, He said well Good evening, ladies.

For years, they told the schedule of which channel they belong to, the next programme, changes and other news such as the weather. A figure who resisted for a long time, about 60 years, and which made many famous women who entered Italian homes every day become almost members of the family. One of these, which you will remember dimly, was Fiorella Pieropon. But what did he do?

What happened to Viorella Pieropon

Fiorella Pieropon She has been the face of Canale 5 for about twenty years. Beautiful, blonde, clear eyes and a wonderful smile, especially in the eighties of the last century, she achieved a resounding success thanks also to the late. Mike Bongiorno who frequently chose her to support him on his programs to speak for sponsors.

to courier He told us some time ago about his tremendous success in those years: “According to a poll, I was the most popular face at Mediaset, ahead of Lorella Cuccarini. I think I was the first person ever to do emotes at a distance in Italy.” Then she suddenly disappeared from TV. What happened?

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Peropon today - Solospitakolo
Fiorella Pieropon today – Solospetacolo (Web Pictures)

What are you doing today

Fiorella Pieropon After wow she disappeared from TV. In the aforementioned interview, he explained the reason for his departure in 2003: “Since Costanzo became the director of Canale 5, there is no other place than advertising. Italia 1 wanted me, but I was considered the face of Canale 5. Rai also wanted me but I was considered the face of Mediaset. I preferred to pull the plug”. She also cut off the phone, she says, because many are looking for her to participate in shows and reality shows. But it did give a clean cut to the TV. And what does he do today?

Today, the former face of Canale 5 is dedicated to his passion and his art and he is became a painter. He tells it on his personal website where he explains: “So I moved to live in France, in Nice where in the strictest secrecy, as a semi-anonymous person, I was able to work quite calmly on the creation of my new artistic path. In the charming alleys of old Nice, at 31 rue Drouet, avenue of artists, I opened in February 2007 my painting studio mine “.

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