New euro banknotes: Here are the topics chosen by European citizens

New euro banknotes: Here are the topics chosen by European citizens

the main points

  • Three topics out of seven were chosen by European citizens
  • The new banknotes will be more resilient against counterfeiting
  • Environment and integration are among the goals of the European Central Bank

“European culture” but also “rivers” and “birds”: these are the themes preferred by European citizens for the new euro banknotes, which the Governing Council of the European Central Bank has chosen to advance this multi-year project. The decision was announced today, Thursday, November 30.

The next stage in the path that will lead to the new banknotes will fall between 2024 and 2025 and will put the motifs and designs into competition for the three themes chosen today, out of an initial seven themes: In 2026, the Council will have to decide once and for all which new banknotes can To represent just the subject of European culture or just rivers and birds, or both. Eurozone citizens will again be asked about the reasons and designs.

The new banknotes will have to enter circulation a few years after 2026, that is, around 2030.

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Banknote Surveys: Register to participate

The ECB has so far conducted two surveys among eurozone citizens, receiving record participation. The online survey conducted last July and August recorded 365,000 responses in the euro area: the topic “Birds: free, resilient, inspiring” was the most popular (34%), followed by European culture (23%) and “Rivers: Waters of Life.” In Europe” (16%).+

In the previous poll, at the beginning of summer, culture received the most votes (21%), followed by rivers (18%) and birds (17%).

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