Everyone dreams of a Ferrari, but what car does John Elkann, its president, own? amazing

Everyone dreams of a Ferrari, but what car does John Elkann, its president, own?  amazing

Although half the world dreams of driving a Ferrari, the head of the Prancing Horse company chose to own a completely unexpected car.

Ferrari is one of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers, thanks in large part to its attractive models and fascinating history. Currently, the president of this exceptional company is John Elkann, grandson of the great Gianni Agnelli. He was too CEO of Exorwhich in turn makes investments in Ferrari, Stellantis Group, Iveco Group, Juventus and others.

John Elkann’s car, you won’t believe he chose it – Abruzzo.cityrumors.it

The Exor CEO and Ferrari boss has a very long history behind him, in fact in 1997 he was directly chosen by Gianni Agnelli as his successor. Therefore, at just 21 years old, he joined the board of directors of the car manufacturer Fiat. Recently, John Elkann was seen with an unusual car, which aroused the curiosity of many people.

Ferrari president car

Of course, the man who controls Ferrari and the Stellantis group can have any car he wants: Ferrari Roma, Ferrari 296 GTB, Maserati, Dodge, etc. It should also be remembered that the current automobile market offers cars with electric, hybrid and internal combustion engines.

Therefore, anyone in such a prestigious role can purchase any vehicle. However, President John Elkann Ferrari chose BorosanguiIt is a very comfortable and powerful SUV. What’s so special about this SUV made by Ferrari? First of all, it is the first SUV produced by Maranello, which it marketed in 2022.

Ferrari Borosang, a stunning choice -Credit YouTube- Abruzzo.cityrumors.it

The Purosangue is 4,973 mm long, 2,028 mm wide and 1,589 mm high. The wonderful car also has an aluminum hood and a carbon roof, which allows to significantly reduce the weight of the car.

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What stands out most is the attention to design: all the lines are in fact designed according to aerodynamics, It can also be seen by looking out the back window. The latter does not have a windshield wiper, as the free glass improves the airflow path. As for propulsion, the Purosangue is equipped with a 725 hp V12 engine, which ensures acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds.

Not only that: its maximum speed reaches 310 km/h. The passenger cabin is a real scenography: the rear doors open against the wind, so passengers can exit in complete comfort.

The seats are also power-adjustable, heated and foldable to increase cargo capacity. The cost of the Ferrari Borusanjoi starts from 385,730 euros.

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