Pope Francis says arming Ukraine is ‘morally acceptable’

Pope Francis says arming Ukraine is ‘morally acceptable’

On the return trip from his visit to Kazakhstan, where he participated in an important interfaith conference, Pope Francis on Thursday spoke with reporters about the war in Ukraine, expressing himself more clearly than he has done in the past in very complexes, including the right to defense and the use of arms. The Pope said that self-defense in front of the aggressors “is not only legitimate, but is an expression of patriotism as well,” and supported the importance of dialogue between the parties involved in the war, even if the dialogue with the aggressor was “smelly.” . In response to the German journalist Rüdiger Krärthaler, who asked him whether it was appropriate at this moment to give arms to Ukraine, Pope Francis Then he said:

This is a political decision that can be morally and morally acceptable if made in the many terms of morality and then we can talk about it. But it can be unethical if done with the intent of causing more war, selling weapons, or getting rid of weapons I no longer need.

According to the Pope, it is the motive that largely describes the morality of this act: “He who does not defend himself, he who does not defend something, does not love it, rather he who defends, loves,” he added, then continued. To emphasize that “we must think more about the concept of a just war.”

About the possibility of a dialogue with Russia, which he previously expressed Somewhat ambiguous situationsWhile condemning the invasion, Pope Francis said the dialogue was “difficult”, but that it should nonetheless take place “because there is always the possibility that things can change in the dialogue”. Imitating the gesture in which one closes one’s nose, the Pope said that dialogue should not be excluded “with any power, whether it is at war, whether it is the aggressor. Sometimes a dialogue must be done like this, but it must be done, it “stinks.” “But it must be done,” otherwise what he defined as “the only reasonable door to peace” is closed. Then it may not be accepted, but “it should always be done, at least offered”.

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