Trump is accused of attacking DeSantis. Family split over nomination –

Trump is accused of attacking DeSantis.  Family split over nomination –
From Viviana Mazza, sent to Phoenix

Former US President v. Florida Governor: “An ordinary politician skilled in public relations.” He claims to be the true proponent of the competitor’s success

from our mail
Phoenix – while calculating a file midterm vote In Arizona and Nevada gives hope Democrats To be able to maintain control of the Senate network suffrage December in Georgia, Donald Trump attacks his counterpart
scarier rival for the Republican nomination for the White House, Ron DeSantis
: “An ordinary politician skilled in public relations.” The ex-president doesn’t just pretend to be the real boss success advocate Governor of Florida, but He also uses his favorite subject (i Forgery)claiming to have “prevented the theft of the DeSantis election” in 2018. “Sent by The FBI and prosecutorsHe writes in a Florida county to “stop them”.

Candidates The support of Trump has failed to critical challenges in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and now you risk losing in
Arizonawhere Democratic Senator Mark Kelly gradually outperformed his rival Black Masters, and in Nevada
Where is the Democratic Senator? Catherine Cortez Masto He is only 9000 votes after the Republican Adam Laxalt, but redemption is not excluded: counting the votes received by mail in their favour. The defeats of the “denial” candidates (who repeat mantra fraud) has shown the limits of the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement, which is different from tea party In Obama’s time, this did not lead to the Republicans captivating victories midterm (though they won Senates in Ohio and North Carolina, and in the House they passed representatives threatening to elect Kevin McCarthy as a speaker).

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more than Defeated He admitted the result of the vote, but it is not clear what he will do Carrie Lake, former Trump television host and ambitious ruler ArizonaYou must lose. Yesterday, his Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, led with 50.7% to 49.3% of the vote. Republican Chief of Elections Bill GatesHe said he found Lake’s indictment “offensive.” Slower I take it off on purpose. In this climate, Ron DeSantis’ victory in Florida prompted Republican leaders, financiers, and activists to do so the support His candidacy for the White House nomination: If he takes the field, he’ll probably wait until mayoafter the conclusion of the legislative session in his state, according to «The Wall Street Journal».

Trump pointed out that even in 2016 newspapers Rupert Murdoch and the Fox Who now ‘cheer for Courage» (The nickname that runs on the word “Pegot”He endorsed other candidates and then came after him and remembers how he “beaten” his rivals “one by one” in the primaries. It seems that the former president is intent on that to announce Take the field Tuesday in Floridaat his residence in Mar Agowhere is the wedding subordinate Tiffany’s daughteralthough some are very loyal (including former speaker Kylie McEnany and board member Jason MillerTry to make him wait Baluta
day In Georgia, though Ivanka’s daughter with her husband Jared Kushner He doesn’t look excited about a new one Election campaign.

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