Ukraine, powerful explosions in Sevastopol, Crimea. Russian raids continue: sirens are sounding all over the country

Ukraine, powerful explosions in Sevastopol, Crimea.  Russian raids continue: sirens are sounding all over the country

the Siren Air defense ringing throughout Ukrainebombs in Donbass And in the Russian region Belgorod. Now there too Crimeakisa: In the morning she was there Powerful explosions to me Sevastopolthe main city in the previously occupied region Russians. The anti-aircraft defense system was launched. Explosions sound and air defense works. Any thing panicreads the Telegram channel ChP Sevastopol. According to some residents, who posted pictures on social media, there was an explosion so powerful that it was described as “the most powerful.” I did not here“.

Meanwhile, the warning remains across Ukraine: four civilians They were killed and eight others were injured as a result Massive bombardment Yesterday Russian, Thursday 29 December. Today at about 11am the air raid alert went off again Kyiv And in the rest of the country. In the last few hours, the hardest hit area was Kherson, where the Russians set out 81 airstrikes With missiles and artillery bombardment. “The enemy’s missiles hit a shop, vital infrastructure, industries and private apartments,” said the head of the regional military administration. Yaroslav Januszevich. in a city Semenevkain the area ChernihivAnother artillery attack. “He’s been known to have a dead person,” says the deputy bureau chief. Kirillo Tymoshenko“The city’s electricity has been cut off.”

until the Ukrainian forces They hit one today Society Industrial in a city SpeckinIn the Russian region to Belgorod On the border with Ukraine: this was announced by the governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov. There were no casualties. The shells hit the industrial project area: the windows were broken, the fence was damaged, ”Gladkov said. According to the governor, explosions are continuing in the area, but at the moment there are no reports of other damaged sites, nor of casualties. wounded or victims.

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to me Kyiv The day had already started before dawn with A.A first Warning rang at 2 am. Several explosions were recorded in the capital, while the administration asked the citizens to do so Shelter In shelters to escape from Russian attacks. governor of the Kyiv region, Oleksky colibaOn Telegram, he talked about a “drone attack” that hit Infrastructure, but did not cause any injuries. The military department in Kyiv determined that there were five i Unmanned aerial vehicles Who entered the airspace of the Ukrainian capital and who they were all Close by the Defense Forces. However, the drones launched by the Russians hit an administrative building A.K holosif, Partially destroyed and a neighboring apartment damaged.

From a diplomatic point of view, the situation is still tense. the The Kremlin He wanted to clarify that Russian President Vladimir Putin You will not send New Year’s greetings to Joe BidenAnd the Olaf SchulzAnd the Emmanuel Macron And for other leaders in “enemy” countries. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Urban And the Serbian president Alexander Vucic They would be the only European leaders to receive a message from Moscow, they later specified.

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