North Korea fires missiles, insists on right to test weapons

North Korea fired “missiles” into the sea on Tuesday as its ambassador to the UN claimed its country’s “legal right” to test weapons in the face of US and Seoul’s “hostile policy.”

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According to Southern Forces personnel, the device was launched from the northern province of Jahang into waters off the east coast. A spokesman for the Japanese Ministry of Defense, for his part, told the AFP anonymously that the missile “looks like a ballistic missile.”

This is Pyongyang’s third shot this month. The first was long-range cruise missiles and the second were short-range ballistic missiles.

Within an hour of its launch, North Korean Ambassador to the UN Kim Jong Un told the UN General Assembly that his country had a “legal right” to test weapons and “strengthen security capabilities.”

The United States has called for an end to its “hostile policy”, saying “no one can deny the right to build, test, manufacture and own North Korea’s weapons systems.”

“We are only strengthening our national security capabilities to protect ourselves and to ensure the credibility of the country’s security and peace,” Kim Jong Un added.

“Hostile preference”

He added that the United States should suspend its military exercises and stop carrying out a strategic campaign against our country and “demonstrate in practice that there is no hostility to North Korea.”

“If so, we are ready to respond,” he said, “but the United States does not seem ready to take that direction.”

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The U.S. military says in a statement: [ses] In this regard, allies and partners pledged that “the commitment of the United States to protect the Republic of Korea and Japan is unshakable.”

“While we estimate that this event is not an immediate threat to United States personnel or our allies, the missile launch highlights the unstable impact of the illegal weapons program,” Pyongyang said in a statement.

In recent days, North Korea has augmented vague news regarding Washington and Seoul.

The shooting on Tuesday came just days after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s influential sister, Kim Yoo Jong, was shot dead in Seoul, citing the possibility of a summit between the two Koreas, despite calls for it to drop its “hostile policy.”

These comments were in response to recent calls by South Korean President Moon Jae-in for an official end to the 1950-1953 conflict between the Koreans. A century.

South Korea’s National Security Council convened after Tuesday’s shooting. In a statement, he “regretted the launch at a time when political stability on the Korean Peninsula was going through a very critical moment.”

“North Korea seems to want to test Seoul’s integrity in terms of improving relations between the two countries and officially ending the Korean War,” Yang Moo-jin told a professor at the University of North Korean Studies.

“Pyongyang will monitor and study the Moon’s reaction after today’s launch and make decisions,” he added.

Pyongyang is now more isolated than ever, as its borders were closed early last year to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

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His talks with the United States have been suspended following the failure of the 2019 Hanoi Summit between Kim Jong Un and then US President Donald Trump. President Joe Biden’s government has announced that it is ready to talk to Pyongyang at any time and without preconditions, but that dialogue has been suspended for now.

Since Kim Jong Un took over as head of state, weapons programs have progressed, but Pyongyang has not carried out any nuclear tests or intercontinental ballistic missile strikes since 2017.

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