June 7, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“I suffered criticism in Europe. In the United States there is no malice, no doubt, no envy.”


© Photo by Daniele Mascolo / Photo Views

Gonzalo Higuain, the Inter Miami striker, spoke to Olé about his career as follows: “For 15 years I played for the best teams in the world, scored more than 300 goals, three World Cup finals and four Copa Americas. They will not be. People who vent their frustration And they affect me. In fact, they make me laugh. A football player receives more criticism than praise. It was a moment in my life that I suffered, but when you adapt, it does not mean that you become impervious to criticism, because these always hurt, but in another way. When You grow up, you take who comes or how it is said, how it is understood, whether it’s a sale or not. You become different when it comes to receiving criticism. I searched for and found emotional calm. In terms of security, respect and criticism, I came out of all that whirlpool that existed in Europe. I didn’t think I would have achieved a lot. I wanted to go back to the amateurs like when I played in the youth teams there is malice, no doubt, no envy. If the reporter criticizes, he does it respectfully. Here, if we play at home, we arrive two hours before the game, my daughter can take the field with My wife…there are fewer rules, everything is more natural. It seems you’re playing Football on the weekends and relaxing during the week. It’s a very nice tournament and allows you to be happy off the field as well.”

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