“Migrants are a living image of God’s people on their way to eternal homeland” – Flama Agency

“Migrants are a living image of God’s people on their way to eternal homeland” – Flama Agency

The Holy See publishes the Pope’s message on the occasion of the World Day of Migrants and Refugees

“God walks with his people.” This is the slogan of Pope Francis’ Easter message 110th World Day of Migrants and RefugeesWhich will be held on Sunday, September 29th.

In the text published in full by the Holy See on Monday, June 3, the Pope emphasizes that it is possible to see in migrants in today’s world, “as in migrants of all ages, A vivid picture of God’s people on the road Towards the eternal homeland.

Based on the parallel between the image of the biblical Exodus and the image of the immigrants, Francis emphasizes that, like the people of Israel in the time of Moses, “the immigrants They are often fleeing situations of oppression and abuseInsecurity, discrimination, and lack of development projects.”

As the Pope has denounced on other occasions, migrants follow this path.They face many obstaclesLike “thirst and hunger,” they are exhausted by “labor and sickness” and “tempted to despair.”

Thus, Francis recalls, the “fundamental truth” of every exodus is that “God precedes and accompanies the journey of His people and all of His children at any time and place“Many immigrants experience God as a traveling companion, guide, and anchor of salvation. They surrender themselves to Him before they leave and go to Him in times of need.

World Migrants and Refugees Day is an annual celebration for the Church to highlight The importance of welcoming and supporting migrants and refugees. This holiday originated in 1914 as a response to immigration challenges and is celebrated on the last Sunday in September.

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To coincide with the publication of the Pope’s message, the Department of Integrated Human Development Service launched a campaign campaign Communicate in preparation for the event and invite people of good will to do so Organizing initiatives with immigrantsRefugees and the vulnerable.

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