Netflix, TikToker recommends three unmissable series (for all tastes) even if little known: Titles and Plots

Netflix, TikToker recommends three unmissable series (for all tastes) even if little known: Titles and Plots

Netflix, a TikToker company, shares that there are three unmissable series on the platform that cater to everyone’s taste, though few know it: what they’re called and what they’re talking about

Netflix is ​​an online streaming platform that offers a wide range of movies, TV series, documentaries, and more. It can be accessed through devices connected to the Internet, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles. On the giant, you can find products of different types and variants depending on the country, as the platform keeps adding new content regularly and removes other content instead. Let’s see, then, what are three audiovisuals that should not be missed, despite the fact that they are little known.

TikToker Serena Marletta, known on the Chinese social network as @renaletta_, has chosen to post a video in which she talks about three Netflix series to watch at once. The first is Re:Mind, an action thriller with few episodes but captivating. In the center are 11 schoolgirls who, having awakened inside an old Victorian bedroom, find themselves sitting at a long dining table, but cannot get up because their feet are chained to the floor and a hood is over their heads. They understand that the poor circumstances they find themselves in may be related to the previous disappearance of their friend Miho. They try to figure out how to escape, but they slowly start to disappear one by one every time the light goes out. So suspicion grows about the possible architect of this deadly trap among them. This series is in Japanese with English subtitles.

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Netflix, the other two series after Re:Mind were suggested by TikToker Serena Marletta

In her video, Serena Marlita continues to present two more series in addition to the aforementioned Re:Mind. The second is a comedy for which she “avoided several sessions with the psychiatrist”: a crazy ex-girlfriend. The story tells of Rebecca, a successful New York attorney who decides to move to a much smaller and almost unknown city just to “chase” her old flame, Josh. Returning to a small local law firm, the professional has to adapt to a major change, but she does so with a feminine look that according to Serena Marlita is not found in any other series so sophisticated. For TikToker, then, what makes this product a plus are the music tracks that accompany some of the protagonist’s scenes.

Finally, the last series mentioned by the influencer that can be seen on Netflix is ​​Love, Deaths and Robots and it is exactly the series dedicated to those who love Black Mirror. It is a competent product consisting of episodes ranging from 3 minutes to 12. The styles used vary from episode to episode and have the features of a thriller series that blends robotics and philosophy with a ‘futuristic look’.

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