The strange phenomenon that disturbs the scientific community

The strange phenomenon that disturbs the scientific community

Have you ever seen anchovies raining from the sky? The scientific community is speechless. Here’s what happens.

Anchovy Rain – Photo via Pixabay

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In the past few hours, a rather strange news has shocked the entire web. In fact, it is enough to open any social media to find out news that is almost like fake news: “Anchovies raining from the sky”.

However, this is not fake news, but a phenomenon that is not wrong but certainly alarming for scientific community. on the coasts California They are literally raining fish from the sky in artificial quantities.

To denounce, many Californians, who were shocked by the accident, posted many photos and videos of the strange phenomenon on social media. So let’s try to evaluate the situation and find out the cause of this phenomenon.

Anchovy showers in the San Francisco sky

San Francisco anchovies
San Francisco Bay – Photo via Pixabay

The strange phenomenon occurred mainly on the coasts of the city San FranciscoWhere thousands of these small fish are found in the strangest places such as sidewalksAnd the surfaces even bus stops.

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However, this is not a completely random phenomenon. A little over a month ago, in fact, some researchers in University of California at Davis They noticed an overproduction of anchovies in the San Francisco Bay, where the strange phenomenon has now occurred.

The relationship between this anchovy rain andhigh reproduction rate of these fish. But what is frightening is the cause of this excess of fish in the San Francisco Bay.

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The exaggerated increase in the numbers of anchovies is actually due to the uncontrolled rise in temperatures. In an interview with a local newspaper SFGateprofessor Adam Ratner Explain in detail the reason for this excessive reproduction of anchovies.

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The Climate change It causes the temperature of the cooler, nutrient-rich water for these fish to rise to the surface, causing these fish to have more nutrients at the surface, which helps them to reproduce.

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