A ‘house’ in New York and an investment of 200 million in the region (with 800 jobs) – Chivasso Oji

A ‘house’ in New York and an investment of 200 million in the region (with 800 jobs) – Chivasso Oji

Space, health, student homes and more. There are many areas where business opportunities can arise between Piedmont and the United States. This is the aim of the agreement just signed between Ceipiemonte (Foreign Center for Internationalization), Margalit Startup City New York and JVP, Jerusalem Venture Partners.

Two-way street

“Two-way” agreement: if in fact Piedmont in New York will be a point of reference for delegations and institutions traveling to the USA in search of cooperation, at the same time new channels are opened for companies with stars and stripes that intend to invest in our region. In addition, assistance will be provided to US companies already present and operating in our region, and to a growing number of companies operating in several strategic sectors.

[Accordi tra Piemonte e Usa per gli affari e gli investimenti]

American presence in Piedmont

There are currently about 200 US companies operating in Piedmont (with over 380 local units) and employing more than 28,000 people. Manufacturing dominates, with more than 150 firms, thus the automotive and aerospace industries. Next, with about 90 companies each, trade and service sectors. If the construction/engineering/energy sector has about forty companies, the agri-food sector has about ten.

The geographical area in which American companies are predominantly located is the Turin region, here there are 231 operating offices of Stars and Stripes companies, followed by the province of Novara with 48 offices, the province of Alessandria with 38 offices, and 32 in the Cuneo region. , 3 pm in Asti, 8 am in Biella, 7 am in Vercelli and 2 am in Vco.

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Who is looking forward to Piedmont: 200 million investment and 800 new jobs

Many companies have already expressed their intention to do business with our own. There is a company specializing in the production of composite materials for the aviation, renewable energy and electronics sectors that plans to build a factory in our area. In the technology and energy sector, a company dealing with the production of hydrogen from aluminum powder stands out and is considering opening its European headquarters in Piedmont.

The student services sector has also become attractive to US investors. Examples include two companies interested in obtaining investment opportunities to open a student home and co-working space in Turin. In logistics and real estate, there are many big players to work with with the aim of looking for positioning opportunities. Then there is the health sector, which is divided between those wishing to open offices to provide services and those wishing to invest in promoting local business in the incubation stage. This case is represented by investment funds that have shown interest in learning about Piedmontese companies and start-ups in the life sciences sector. To complete the picture, across the board, an important American accelerator is also showing interest in opening a second European branch in Piedmont.

[Riunione tra Piemonte e Usa]

Considering all US companies intercepted, the cash value of the investment (CAPEX) is estimated at around 200 million euros and the impact of hiring about 800 new employees. On the other hand, intercepted mutual funds have assets under management (AUM) of about $1.17 trillion.

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“We are the place they are looking for”

The opening of this historical landmark in the United States is an event of fundamental importance for Piedmont because it tells foreign entrepreneurs that our region is the place they are looking to invest their money and create jobs. – says the regional advisor for internationalization Fabrizio Rich -. With Ceip, our center whose mission is to intercept industrial realities to bring them to our territory, we work to ensure that all obstacles that an American company might encounter in bringing its capital to Italy are removed. The ability to facilitate access for investors and clearly demonstrate the advantages of production in a region like ours is a key component in overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. When we think of Piedmont as the Italian home of the automotive, aviation and manufacturing sectors, we do so because we want to provide citizens with a future of qualified and growing jobs.“.

This agreement comes exactly one year after the signing of the memorandum with Margalit Startup City of Jerusalem – declares the chief of Sepiemonte, Dario Peroni -. Today we repeat this successful cooperation in the American market, a target area for the whole Piedmont region. In the past 10 months alone, we have intercepted 30 US companies interested in getting to know our ecosystem in anticipation of a potential investment, and in about 20 of them we are providing accurate and personal assistance: this MOU will significantly speed up the settlement process..

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