“I tell you why Putin’s days are numbered…”

“I tell you why Putin’s days are numbered…”

How long will the siege of the Russian army last?Ukraine? The answer depends on multiple factors, including the economic situation within Russia. Yes, because along with the military aspect, closely related to it, we must take into account Moscow’s ability to pump resources into a task more complex than expected. ApparentlyRussian President Vladimir Putin He will be in trouble. At least on the home front.

Putin in trouble?

Well, here the opinions of analysts differ. Among the most interesting and noteworthy, we find an analysis Vladimir Milov. The economist, as well as a close collaborator with Navalny (a well-known opponent of Putin), is convinced that the head of the Kremlin no longer has sources to continue the war. “Within three weeks it should stop”, is the forecast of the expert. He is also convinced that in the not-too-distant future Russia will find itself facing an economic crisis much worse than the one dating back to 1991.

They still don’t understand…‘, Milov immediately noted during an interview with La Stampa newspaper.Russia has plunged into an economic crisis that will be worse than that of 1991. Let’s give it more Two to three weeks To understand reality: it does not have the resources to continue the warHe declared that the sanctions imposed by the West on Moscow will slowly stifle the Russian economy.

The economy is in difficulty

We used the subjunctive because it is clear that at least two reservations still need to be resolved. The first: in the (possible) situation in which there is China Completely replace the Western world in the economic and commercial spheres, Putin will not necessarily drown. The second: that Milov is still a hypothesis, one of the most controversial in the academic field. “Sanctions will have a devastating effect on Russia, Putin has taken the longest step in his leg.”I have announced.

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Perhaps the Russian president did not expect such a pressured response from the West. Nor did he expect the truth of the facts to test his motives so hard. So it is very likely that Putin is ahead insurmountable difficulties, It may not be content with withdrawing Ukrainian forces from the ground. At this point, in fact, the Russian leader will have to try to make the end of the war pass as a personal victory. Milov added that he seemed to spread a sense of fear among his closest aides. Moreover, Putin will be aware of “The dire state of the economy and the armed forces“.

Moscow’s next moves

On the basis of this reconstruction, Navalny’s collaborator went further, bypassing mere military expectations. Putin’s elite in RussiaYou will stop running the government system and the economy on a flimsy pretext“Which one? They will all be blamed Penalties. Finally, when it comes to Putin’s mental health, Milov doesn’t think the Kremlin’s head is completely insane. “He has a survival instinct‘, he announced.

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine continues unabated and Putin, at least according to his recent statements, does not seem to have any intention of giving it up. Moscow’s duty is one: to complete the mission and achieve all the goals. In the next few days we will find out whether Putin miscalculated or not.

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