May 29, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Canada, a mysterious robbery at Toronto airport: a shipment of gold bars worth twenty million has been stolen

New York An old-fashioned thriller: a gang of professionals are hijacked from Canada’s largest airport, Pearson International V Torontoa load of one and a half tons Gold barsIt is worth more than twenty million dollars. The metal had arrived on a cargo ship and was taken to an armored area inside the airport. Here, the Canadian police explained, without elaborating, “He was taken away by illegal means” and put into a truck. It is not known if there are any suspects or if any have been arrested. The police did not, at the moment, want to indicate the name of the airline responsible for the operations. The airport was closed for 18 minutes due to a series of problems, but the police did not want to clarify whether the power outage at the airport could be linked to the strike. “It’s very rare,” said Inspector Stephen Duefstein. “The only important thing is to solve the case quickly,” he added.

Toronto is the airport through which all the gold collected from the mines and destined for the foreign market passes. Most outbound cargo planes depart from Toronto. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is dealing with this theft which is reminiscent of the famous robbery carried out in 83 in Englandthat went down in history as Matt Brink robberywhen from the international airport Heathrow, in London, three thousand kilograms of bullion and diamonds, as well as money, disappeared. According to local media, despite the scale of the coup, it would be the work of a local gang, which could have had the decisive support of someone working inside the airport. “We’re still trying to figure out how that was possible,” a company spokesperson said. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Investigators say the problem for thieves would be to be able to load the load, a difficulty that perpetrators of robbery faced forty years ago.

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