NBA, Milwaukee-Chicago 93-86: Antetokounmue tames Bulls in race -1

NBA, Milwaukee-Chicago 93-86: Antetokounmue tames Bulls in race -1

Milwaukee’s painful victory over Chicago (93-86), torn above all thanks to Antetokounmpo. The Greek has 27 points, 16 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks, but Budenholzer’s team did not shine

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Very low launch ratios, lots of twists and rendering definitely not in line with previous Sunday games. Milwaukee Bucks’ agonizing Game 1 victory against Chicago, 93-86 final score, gives Mike Budenholzer’s men 1-0 important in the series, thus honoring tonight’s predictions, but it shows how no games in the playoffs are easy to read, even if you’re the favorite super hero . The Bulls played until the last possession, overcame many difficulties during the match, and can look to their future with greater confidence.

Too many errors

Milwaukee started the game well, finding +16 and displaying an awareness that seemed to leave no possibility for the eruption to respond, but all that energy and physical superiority ran out almost immediately. Budenholzer’s team played sub-rhythm in many phases of the game and, above all, managed the ball very poorly in the middle of the field (21 turns), which showed too much shallowness for a game of this importance. With Giannis Antetokounmpo (27 points, 16 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks) on the field, the Bucks dominated the game, setting the pace. With Greece’s exit, Chicago did better, despite the horrific shooting rates.

“Today the whole team was out of reach and we could not easily find ourselves on the pitch,” Antetokounmpo said after the match. The Greek was decisive, however, as the double was reached with 8:30 on the clock in the second quarter. “Sometimes you have to win even if you play badly, you can’t always be beautiful and perfect,” Budenholzer said at the press conference. A concept that is shared and repeated in unison by its players. And it really wasn’t the pretty dollars. They shot poorly out of three (10/38, 26%), lost a mountain on balls, especially in the fourth period, and missed out on the impossible in terms of readouts. Offloading Chris Middleton (11 points with 4/13 shots, 7 cuts) and Jrue Holiday (15 points, 6/16 off the field, 4 cuts), who in the final looked a little off the stage. Fortunately, Brock Lopez, key player in that first game success, is back in the tournaments, earning 18 points with three very heavy baskets in the fourth period and a basic defensive presence. Here, it was the defense that somehow balanced out all the disadvantages of the Bucks’ performance, but as Giannis says, good or bad, “Win is winning.”

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“I don’t know what the hell happened. Maybe the week was a holiday. I can guarantee you Zack and Fuchs won’t go wrong next time.” DeMar DeRozan finished off his shot 6/25, LaVine with 6/19 and Vučević 9/27, his best in quality on both sides of the field and attacking effect (24 points, 17 rebounds). The Bulls fired a total of 32% from the field and 18.9% from three points but nonetheless came too close to take it home. This is because the team performed defensively with seriousness and dedication, despite some small empty passes. Alex Caruso was emblematic of this stoic attitude, who gave his all in terms of generosity and competitive spirit on the parquet floors of the Fiserv Forum. Chicago had terrible pedigrees but also managed to do well in some moments, in the second and third quarters in particular, capitalizing on the selection of DeRozan and LaVine. The Bulls needed two neater segments to play against these Bucks, but not taking that opportunity makes coach Donovan’s boys even more regrettable. It is unlikely that such a situation would happen again. “Today was a good reaction compared to the way we finished the season,” Vucevich said after the match. It’s all true, but this looks very much like a missed opportunity.

the match

Milwaukee starts just as we’ve all expected, relying on his superior physique and the quality of his defense. Giannis scored a double in a matter of minutes and the Bucks also touched +16 in the first quarter. The Bulls patiently returned in the middle of the second period thanks to a 7-0 run and closed at -8 in the interval (51-43), shooting 31% of the field and 17% of three. Good result after all. Chicago believes that and in the third quarter produces a 13-0 run that makes an unexpected +5 (69-64), then nullifies the return of Antetokounmpo, which in turn inspires the opposite side of the Bucks. Hosts find preference, 74-71. In the fourth inning final, with Giannis off the bench due to fouls, Milwaukee signed Lopez on the crucial baskets that sealed the success.

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Milwaukee: Antetokounmpo 27 (10/19, 1/4 of three, 6/11 tl), Lopez 18, Holiday 15. Rebounds: Antetokounmpo 16. Help: Middleton 6.

Chicago: Vučević 24 (9/27, 2/10 of three, 4/5 TL), DeRozan 18, LaVine 18. Follow-ups: Vučevi 17. Help: DeRozan 6.

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