You killed me, now you have to…. Then he cries

You killed me, now you have to….  Then he cries

Rodrigo De Paul was one of Argentina’s great World Cup champions but after winning Qatar 2022 he used really bad words towards those who criticized him in the past.

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world Cup It’s every footballer’s lifelong dream. Few manage to crown this dream. For the majority, this remains a wish. Whoever wins celebrates and does so with all the decorations. Everyone celebrates in their own way. There are those who finally reach nirvana like Messi won the title, who made a somewhat vulgar gesture like goalkeeper Martinez and wanted instead to remove a series of heavy pebbles also from his boot like midfielder Rodrigo de Paul, who also used expletives to take revenge on anyone who slaughtered after the first match with Saudi Arabia.

Rodrigo de Paul He is an old acquaintance in the Italian League. It was with Udinese that he showed all his talent, becoming a regular in Argentina. With Atlético Madrid he actually failed to repeat himself. Now he’s a world champion and celebrating, even on social media, as there are now a series of memes about him. Practically de Paul is Messi’s shadow.

The party started and will continue for a long time however After the match with Saudi Arabia The former Juventus midfielder’s words were fierce. Criticism from everywhere, especially in Argentina. De Paul had been questioned and the good things he had done in recent years seemed to have swept the game. He did not forget anything and at the moment of the celebration of the World Cup he won in one of the social stories in the company of Otamendi, in the midst of the celebrations he said: For all those who slaughtered they suck my good ****. You have slaughtered me on every side.”

Then the Atletico Madrid midfielder reconfigured himself and in front of the public television cameras screamed “Scaloneta” engine and move. Many tears for him. De Paul showed his heart and all his love for his country: “I love all Argentines, and I’m proud to have been born there. We leave you on top of the world I hope you are as entertained as I am.”

He continued talking: “We did it, we suffered a lot…but what a good feeling. We were born to suffer, that’s what makes us strong, we will suffer for life but I will never forget it. We are the winners, we deserve it.” We are the champions after beating the former world champions.”

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