March 25, 2023

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“I can feel you, how good it feels next to you”

Message from Ciro Ferrara on Corriere dello Sport on the anniversary of the death of Diego Armando Maradona: the words

The latest news in NaplesNovember 25, 2022. Two years since the disappearance Diego Armando Maradona. Words are lost, and love for the city of Naples becomes instead an ever-burning flame.

A message from Ciro Ferrara to Maradona

To find the words, to write a letter to MaradonaI was Ciro Ferrara who went to visit a house D10S Two years after his death: Diego thirsts for dreams in your house. Thus begins the letter posted in Sports Courier:

“I traveled to you, to your roots. I was looking for the closest hug, because on your birthday, I wanted to be close to you again. I came to your house, to breathe the air of your sky. Home is the most beautiful word there is, it is not just a place, but where life flows.” I fancied seeing you here, where I am now. Did I look out that little window? Did I run out to play football in the street? If poverty here cries out in all its misery, there is a noise of joy and hunger for dreams. How comforting near you, my friend. Since that bad day , I was able to hear you every time, little by little a wounded heart.”

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