Activision Blizzard wants to know if you are interested in NFT and cryptocurrency in

Activision Blizzard wants to know if you are interested in NFT and cryptocurrency in

Update: Responding directly to the tweet of Andy Robinson, Journalist at VGC, which reported on an article about survey distribution related to NFT and cryptocurrency in gaming by Activision Blizzard, Mike YbarraThe president of Blizzard Entertainment, he mentioned it “Nobody is doing NFT”.

Obviously, the survey is for informational purposes only, but in reality, at least, Blizzard teams have no plans, at the moment, to introduce NFTs or cryptocurrencies into their games. This is clearly in relation to the near future, awaiting any developments in the market and new trends.

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According to some testimonies: Activision Blizzard Trying to see if the players are interested or not Cryptocurrencies and NFTs In video games, using a survey that is sent directly to users.

As you can see in the tweet below, with a poll, Activision Blizzard is asking users how much they “interested” in a number of “Emerging trends in the gaming sectorThere is talk of “artificial intelligence-generated video game content”, augmented reality games, virtual reality and NFT, but also fun experiences in the metaverse and play to earn games.

These are some of the most important topics in the recent period in the field of games and many companies are targeting more and more towards this potential market. Ubisoft, for example, is pushing Quartz, a platform for NFT that has begun offering digital items for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Tell us, What do you think that? Interested in NFTs and the use of cryptocurrencies?

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