Nave Duilio’s return from the USA: ‘A new chapter in the Navy’s operational history’

Nave Duilio’s return from the USA: ‘A new chapter in the Navy’s operational history’

“The activity carried out by Nave Duilio in the United States opens a new chapter in the history of Navy operations.” Rear Admiral doesn’t utter words Lorenzano de RenzoCommander of the 1st Marine Division, which today welcomed the return of the flag unit at Morro Varsila. The foreign trip represents an international success for the Armed Forces and a step forward in bilateral relations between Italy and the United States in the military sector.

The missile destroyer, which set sail on May 16, is serving as part of the US aircraft carrier strike group USS Bush during Compound Training Unit – C2X, a preparatory exercise for field deployment, which, not surprisingly, would be the Mediterranean theater. Di Renzo explains: “The Italian Navy has always been supportive of interoperability with the allied navies. The leap in quality in this case was the transition to the concept of interchangeability. Nave Duilio operates with equal dignity and duties with those of an American cruiser, without anyone noticing the difference.”

Leader Jacobo RolloWhich led the Italian contingent within a machine that included twenty ships and nine thousand men, sums up the technical perspective: “Our task was to integrate with the other fighters accompanying the aircraft carrier, while ensuring a series of tasks in the standards required by them. American Navy. We have shown that we can interact on equal terms with accompanying them. After this stage we learned their vocabulary so to speak. It seems a little, but it is not. We took home a dictionary. We got to their box, using their language.”

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The mission was prepared from October 2021. It began with the examination of documents that arrived from the United States and continued with a series of video conferences with colleagues from abroad between January and February. Once in Norfolk, three American officers took turns aboard the Duilio during three months of exercises. One of them was the task of reporting the operational capability of the Italians. “If you prepare well, as often happens, things will turn out to be much simpler than anticipated,” Rouleau says.

Cayo Doilio

Among the moments of greatest difficulty is the simulation of a passage within a strait, which is critical to a unit such asUSS BushIt is 333 meters long and is therefore only comfortable in large spaces. In this context, the crew of Nave Duilio was asked to take command of the formation. Then the Italian fighter secured the defense of the airspace with its own radar system and took control of the same air formation that took off from Transporter.

“It is the result of a long journey based on deepening knowledge of our country’s technical and industrial capabilities – Admiral Di Renzo expands the field – a process that has led the United States to acquire ships designed in Italy by Fincantieri, and by other companies in the supply chain, together with the Navy The entire Qatari system is expected to be at the center of the international scenario.” Reference is Marinette Marine’s order, Fincantieri’s US subsidiary, for new frigates from American Navy On the basis of FREMMs jointly developed by Italy and France.

Lorenzano di Renzo (Italian Navy)

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Duilio, like the twin Doria, still has a long operational career ahead. But the Navy is already conducting preliminary studies for the future destroyer, with a perspective of 2035. American Navy Instead you will have to replace the class Arleigh Burke, which is equivalent at the operational level to the Italian horizon, much earlier. Also for this reason, attending Norfolk for three months is a very important proposition for Italy.

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