The skyrocketing fuel price? We save the car tax, the trick is there

The skyrocketing fuel price?  We save the car tax, the trick is there

The skyrocketing fuel price? We save on car tax, the trick is: the tax must be paid, but there is a way to pay less

There is no point in being under any illusions: the global crisis and the ongoing war in Ukraine will not reduce fuel price Also in the coming weeks. And the government crisis that will lead to new elections at the end of September will not stop the costs for Italians. So motorists are left with only one solution: pay less car tax.

Fuel price skyrocketing (ANSA)

It is impossible to ignore it, even if many do it or pay it late, because we are talking about it Mandatory fee. And it doesn’t matter much that it is collected for the provinces and not for the state, everyone who owns a car or vehicle must pay the stamp duty. There are some situations that allow us to save, and get a real discount if not a complete exemption.

let’s start from exemptions Required by law. They don’t pay car tax Zero or Low Emission VehiclesAnd at the same time get rid of old polluting vehicles. As well as vehicles over thirty years old, if not intended for professional use. But there are concessions based on Law 104. In particular, they are exempt from the disabled car tax, disabled people with severe restrictions on movement, disabled people who are unable to drive a car,
Deaf, dumb and mentally handicapped.

We save car tax, the trick is there: all options for Italian motorists

But there are also effective ways to save by lowering the price while fully respecting the law. One of the most effective options is definitely the payment option bank localization. An option that allows you to get a 10% discount (but in some regions it is 20%) and is also intended for those who have a bank or postal current account.

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Important discounts are also provided for those who drive LPG-powered cars, dictated by its low environmental impact. Many regions offer set discounts compared to similar petrol and diesel models, but in some cases there is an exemption for a set period, usually five years.

Free or Almost Free Car Tax (ANSA)

in Lombardy50% discount for hybrid vehicles (for 5 years) and car rental. Persons with disabilities, vehicles rented to transport people, electric and gas-powered vehicles exclusively, cars registered for non-profit organizations, and ambulances for urgent or emergency services are exempt from paying the tax. L ‘Emilia Romagna On the other hand, the motor vehicle tax is not levied on historic, handicapped, electric or exclusively LPG- and methane-powered vehicles, on hybrid-powered vehicles.

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