“Avoid the nightmare of world hunger, let it be a ray of peace”

“Avoid the nightmare of world hunger, let it be a ray of peace”

turned into a war wheat But there are no photos together and no handshakes between Russians and Ukrainians. Moscow Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu The Minister of Infrastructure in Kyiv Oleksandr Kubrakov Separately signed in Istanbul the agreement lifting the ban on the export of 25 million tons of wheat that had been in Ukraine for months. Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny are the ports under the control of Kyiv from which ships will depart and move in safe lanes, as explained by UN Secretary-General Antonio. Guterres Who was present today at the Istanbul party at the lavish Dolmabahce Palace with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “It is a historic day – the sultan rejoiced -. We are proud of our role in this initiative that solved the global food crisis. Today’s agreement covers all countries of the world, from Africa to Asia, and avoids the nightmare of global hunger. We hope it will also open a window for peace.”

Opening prospects for wheat in Ukraine, Guterres: “The agreement reached is for the world”

wheat, black sea traffic

The Turkish leader said that the movement of ships in black sea “It will start in the next few days,” but according to rumors, it will take another 10 days or two weeks for the level of trade to return to the levels it was before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “The implementation and supervision of this very important plan will be carried out by a joint coordination center that will be established in Istanbul,” Erdogan said.

Abramovich in Istanbul on the wheat deal: Shadow broker or spy?

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According to the copy of the agreement signed by Ukraine, released by the deputy head of the Presidential Office in Kyiv Andrey Sibiha, the plan will remain in force for 120 days and can be renewed if necessary during the establishment of the coordination center in Istanbul It will consist of representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the HunWhich will also form teams to inspect ships – in areas designated by Ankara – to make sure they are not carrying unauthorized shipments, a point Moscow has pressured in recent days by requiring boats not to transfer weapons. The text states that “the parties will not launch attacks on merchant ships, civilian ships, and ports participating in this initiative,” which states that military vehicles will not even be able to approach merchant ships passing through the lanes. If it is necessary to clear the sea areas affected by the corridor, the parties agree to use minesweepers from other countries.

Wheat agreement in Istanbul, Cavusoglu meets Guterres

Draghi: We hope it will be the first step towards the prospects of peace

“We hope that these agreements represent a first step towards concrete prospects for peace, in terms of acceptance of Ukraine,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi commented, identifying today’s agreement as “great news for the entire international community” and praising Turkey’s “mediation initiative with Ukraine.” The central role of the United Nations.” In the same vein, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who sees the Istanbul trial as “opening a corridor of dialogue and not just a corridor of wheat.” Guterres also praised him as a “beacon of hope,” and today’s agreement is not linked to the cease-fire agreements between the two fronts. , except in the port areas mentioned in the text. The last attempts to reach peace talks took place in a meeting between the two delegations from Moscow and Kiev in the same building in Istanbul where the plan was signed today, but the negotiations ended in naught and actually ended 4 months into the war. Until today The bombing did not stop in Ukraine.The Ministry of Defense in Kyiv reported Russian attacks in several parts of the country with the intensification of fighting in the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, not far from the southern port of Odessa, while sporadic artillery casualties were recorded in the north in Chernihiv and Sumy.

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