Use. “Halter Marine” won the contract for the second polar security cutter icebreaker for the U.S. Coast Guard (A. Martinenko).

Rendering of the new Polar Security Cutter (Image: Halter Marine)

Halter Marine, Mississippi, USA The contract has been awarded to build the second U.S. Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter (BSC) based in Pascal.

Polar protection cutter

Halter Marine will serve as the primary contractor on a fixed price incentive agency contract issued by the Navy. Initial efforts under the contract include the purchase of materials with long lead times, especially generator sets, to support production while ensuring common ground between the first two PSCs.

The $ 745 million deal for Halter Marine in 2019 designed and built the first new heavy duty ice breaker in the United States after 40 years. The deal includes two options, which, if implemented, would bring the total value of the deal to $ 1.9 billion.

The PSC project is a multi-year project Department of Homeland Security USCG to acquire three multi-mission PSCs to recapitalize the next generation polar icebreaker fleet.

Works with Halter Marine, ST Engineering Company of North America Technology Associates (TAI) As the ship’s designer. The ship’s design is based on the German “Polarstern II” design. The Halter Marine and TAI teams, along with other suppliers, finalize the PSC plan.

The Polar protection cutter It is 460 feet long and has a total beam of 88 feet. The impetus is diesel power of 45,200 horsepower and is capable of continuously breaking ice up to six to eight feet thick. The ship can comfortably accommodate 186 people for 90 days.

In addition to TAI, the Halter Marine has partnered with ABB and Trident Marine for its Azipod propulsion and power distribution system, Raytheon for integrating command and control systems, Caterpillar for key engines, Jamsstown Metal Marine for armholes and Bronzework for the HVAC system. .

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Robert “Bob” Merced, President and CEO of Halter Marine

By creating a second polar security cutter, Halter Marine will continue its mission of giving national priority to the U.S. Coast Guard. Our talented staff at Halter Marine here are proud to be a part of such an important company “, He announced Bob Mercant, Chairman and CEO of Halter Marine.

Construction of the first BSc is expected to begin in 2022, with delivery scheduled for 2025.

The Coast Guard’s Operational Polar Snow Navy currently has 399-feet of heavy snow, the Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star, launched in 1976, and the 420-foot medium-sized icebreaker, Coast Guard Cutter Healy, launched in 2000.

The Pole Star was reactivated three years later and reactivated in late 2013. Since then, icebreakers have completed six deployments of Operation Deep Freeze to refuel the McMurdo station in Antarctica. Pole Star entered the Life Extension Program (SLEP) in 2021 to extend the effective life of the cutter by four years.

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