Luxury apartments in the ancient village, America set the curriculum for Abruzzo

Abruzzo will become a new favorite destination for foreign tourists in Italy, especially in the small villages of the interior. In fact, a medieval village in the province of Seattle will be built in Casoli, the region’s first private residential club in Palazzo Ricci, a valuable historic building dating back to 1799, which today belongs to the Richie grandchildren. Acquired by American Travel Resorts LLC, specializes in luxury properties in Italy.

It is a highly ambitious project that will include the complete restoration of the Palazzo Richie, improvement by the most stringent historical protection standards and the construction of 14 fully equipped apartments. The Palazzo Ricci will be a time-sharing model that transfers part ownership at a cost compatible for personal use and offers five-star hotel services with private swimming pools and gardens.

“We are very excited about this project and we are very interested in it. The discovery of Casoli and Abruzzo happened almost by accident. When we were in Italy on vacation in 2018, we were immediately attacked and impressed. When we saw Palazzo Ricci, we asked ourselves, ‘What can I do?’ We are here, ”said Mike Brosnan, the project’s founder.

“The Formula of the Private Residence Club of our choice – making Palazzo Ricci one of the most exclusive residences in the world, will make the beauty of this region known elsewhere”.

Palazzo Ricci is part of the international network of Élite Alliance luxury properties with 135 other locations worldwide, as well as structures such as the Palazzo Tornapoi in Florence and others in Rome, Buglia, Sicily and Sardinia. “Not only this building, but the history of this building is full of great charm and events, thanks to famous people like the painter Francesco Pavlo Michetti and the writer Gabriel D’Annuncio. Valeria Milano explained.

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