National | US at the Crossroads of Motocross of Nations: Who Will Get the 250cc? |

National |  US at the Crossroads of Motocross of Nations: Who Will Get the 250cc?  |

Fans from abroad (and not only) are waiting to see who will represent Team USA in the MX2 class: the names in the race are at least three

Although overlooked by some top riders when necessary, particularly since the early 2000s, Motocross of Nations is also an important landmark for American riders, who are more and more concerned about their backyard but at the best of times not They do so miss the opportunity to try to prove their superiority over their European colleagues.

When the most important event of the season takes place in the United States, there are no discussions: Americans want to participate and enforce their own law. 2022 edition in Red Bud It promises to be one of the biggest and coolest shows ever, especially if the weather isn’t so good Four years ago, so it will be. The golden period the motocross world is going through (almost) will showcase its greatest talents this weekend on September 25th and Team USA will be among the mandatory nominees.

Since the 450cc saddles will be unquestioned and will be reserved for the riders who dominate the National class, Eli Tomac and Chase Sexton, the audience outside (but not only) is very curious to know Roger DeCoster’s pick. The place is in the MX2 class.

It is well known that American motocross has correctly said that he is not having a great period in terms of the apprentice class. Not that we’re short on talent, but it’s the perennial lack of physical continuity that affects the best youngsters in the 250cc class in America. Reading the list of injuries is more than enough: Austin Forkner, Levi Kitchen, Matthew LeBlanc, Ty Masterball, Cameron McAdoo, Michael Mosiman, Colt Nichols, Jett Reynolds, Steeles Robertson and Nick Romano are all riders with good odds, or even reality already. Consolidated, however currently running their teams dispensaries, we have to add other names who are competing but in turn have had annoying incidents in recent months. The fact that the 250cc National’s top three are made up of Australians and a Japanese is a marginal detail in this discourse, although these three personalities raised the bar for the American quarter-liter not so little.

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The names of the moment for the MX2 class of Nations Three and two of those come from the 450cc class. Christian Craig and Justin Barcia prices are certainly up front for a “modified” spot in the Red Bud, but we can’t ignore the position of Justin Cooper, who is instead the full-time protagonist of the 250cc. Between these lines we briefly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each of these three candidates.

Craig’s name may be the most all-consuming. Putting the 250cc Champion in the West Coast of Supercross and Barcia on the same level, one cannot help but notice how the Yamaha rider has run much better than Gas Gas this outdoor season: the current overall rating difference between the two is 32 points and at 16 Qualifiers Craig outperformed Barcelona 11 times. The main reason for FC Barcelona’s disappointment lies in their physical preparation that is more focused on Supercross, in an effort (not centered) to beat at least a 3 Top 3 in the indoor series, while Craig outlined his plans better already in the off-season with the final assault on the The 250cc title on the court and the National in the 450cc class is now the norm for the Californian.

Analyzing the situation in detail, the reasons for preferring Barcia over Craig will be mainly two: the “one-shot” position of the New Yorker, who in his best days is not afraid of any opponent in the world, and the fact that the only performance is worth mentioning this patriotism You got it right in Red Bud With third place overall. Particular interest in the first point, which in an event like the Nations can represent a jackpot as well as a breath of wind capable of bringing down a team that is struggling (like the United States, however, isn’t) into the final abyss. In Craig’s favour, there’s usually a larger 250cc, which he races on the small displacement bike until May while Barcia has only recently begun doing some testing: oftentimes, “adapted” solutions to the nations aren’t the best.

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Cooper’s position is complicated. The skills of the 250cc Vice Champion are well known especially outdoors, but the Yamaha rider physically has yet to prove that he has completely overcome the foot injury that prevented him from defending the Supercross title and that it also affected his team. the summer. victory on saturday In the second round of Washougal It could be definitive proof of a full recovery, but in the face of disappointing performances in the immediate preceding races, convincing counter-proofs will be needed already after the break, at Unadilla. In addition to the great knowledge of the bike, thus excluding the “modified” option mentioned above, a big point in Cooper’s favor is his great skills as a beginner: for a 250cc rider, in the nations, he knows how to juggle Well, a far more powerful 450cc can really save your life while racing, to avoid jams Traffic and back are expensive.

To make De Coster’s decision less problematic, there were two riders who were nothing short of perfect for an event like Nations of Red Bud: Jason Anderson formed at the absolute peak, the feeling with Kawasaki immediately blossomed and even in the event of an emergency resolution it would have been He has a KX250 set up directly by Pro Circuit, but was called “El Hombre” due to the disagreement, preferring to have back surgery immediately after the end of the National; Jeremy Martin, one of America’s most successful quarter-liter drivers, could have used his immense experience and great outdoor speed to finish second for the team, but he fell out after being terminated early. With Yamaha Star Racing and currently training for next season with the ClubMX team, they are still riding the YZ250F.

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Craig, Barcia or Cooper: The hot potato is in the hands of the “man”, who will have to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the three riders better, however, they deserve the USA MX2 team jersey. The AMA hasn’t had the Chamberlain Cup since 2011, and if the Americans haven’t won this year either, the longest running streak of Nations they’ve played and won’t, with nine. time is running out …

Pictures: Gas and gas media centerAnd the Swap MotoAnd the Yamaha media center

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