“There is no evidence of the role of the Russian secret service” – Corriere.it

“There is no evidence of the role of the Russian secret service” – Corriere.it

From our correspondent
New York
– From Washington, there are signs of relaxation on an issue Artem us. American intelligence confirms that it believes in the work of the Italian services.

A senior US intelligence official says to courier from the evening: “Although we can’t rule out a species with complete certainty Russian government involvementWe have not, as yet, seen any indication that the Russian secret services have stolen Artem Uss from Italy. “We have complete confidence in the capabilities of our Italian partners against the Russian intelligence services,” the senior official adds.

This letter to Italy follows a judgment from an interview conducted by a State Department official to courier On the 28th of April she had raised eyebrows and alarm in Rome. These were the first statements after the escape of the Russian who requested the United StatesHand over the accused on charges of smuggling technology and oil in Russia and China, but they escaped from house arrest on March 22, the day after the first approval from the Milan Court of Appeal, from house arrest and fled Italy.

The State Department official had said the US, “extremely frustrated” by the “extremely unfortunate incident”, was “relieved that Italy did something: freeze its assets, nominate it for EU sanctions”, but – when asked if that was enough – he added. It is “one of the answers and the moves that need to be made, but in the end we have to do it step back And look at the broader situation: This is Russia blatantly violating a country’s sovereignty. The words are in line with the first Italian findings about the escape of Artem Uss, which seem to refer to a “smuggling” operation of the Russians.

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Investigations are still ongoing as to how Artem Uss, the son of the ruler of a Siberian region dear to Putin, fled Italy. The Milan Prosecutor’s Office did Request for judicial delegation to Germany, Serbia and Slovenia to discover the possibility of tracing a series of car license plates and reconstructing the possibility that 4-5 persons of Slavic origin participated in his escort.

But in the relationship between the United States and Italy, there are more important priorities, which also await the meeting between them Georgia Meloni Joe Biden at the G7 in Japan and then the prime minister’s supposed visit to Washington in the second half of June. Biden’s priority is to strengthen the relationship with his allies – especially the Europeans – regarding the strategic challenge with China, as well as maintaining the unity of the front in Ukraine. Meloni’s priority is to assert himself as a privileged ally of the United States in the European Union.

So it seems that Italy is ready for this Non-renewal of the 2019 agreement to participate in the “Silk Road” program It is the only G7 member state to sign up, which critics fear allows China access to sensitive technologies and critical infrastructure. Now for Rome, the point is not just “what” to do, but “how”. Although rumours bloombergAccording to what the Prime Minister would have reassured the President of the American Chamber of Commerce Kevin McCarthy, who visited Rome last week, to leave the Silk Road, it seems that the Italian government wants to take some time to discuss it with Beijing before making a formal decision which according to various sources will not arrive before the G7.

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When asked about possible American concern over the appointment of Paolo Scaroni to head Enel (not yet ratified) and the pro-Russian positions of some of Meloni’s allies, the same State Department official reiterated, at the end of April, that in light of support “in word and deed” in Kiev, ” Italy should be seen as one of the ‘anchors’ within Europe trying to do the right thing for Ukraine,” and declined to comment on “domestic politics.” Dynamics taking place in all countries, whether in Italy, in Germany, in France or even in the United Statesto”.

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